NoClueBoy's Incredibly Frenetic Star Trek Discussions

It’s my new website. A message board!

NoClueBoy’s Incredibly Frenetic Star Trek Discussions
I set it up for a six month trial. Several people you may know well are involved in its creation and operation.

It’s free to post, free to view.

The focus is on Science Fiction and Fantasy with an obvious leaning towards Star Trek. It won’t replace the SDMB, that’s for sure. I just wanted a place where Sci-Fi fans of all sorts can hang out and have some fun.

So, if you’re a Trekker, a Trekkie, a LotR nut, or just like Sci-Fi/Fant in general, come see us.

Many thanks to all the great people who have let me post this on their boards, including the staff of the SDMB (yeS, who’s permission I do have to post this). You rock, Coldfire!

Glad you got the go-ahead, NCB. I put the link in my signature to it earlier today.

-Aesiron: an NIFSTD Administrator.

I joined.


I’m in!

In what? Into what? I may not want to know…

It puts the lotion on its skin…

Give props to Firefly, bro. Represent the FF. Fo shizzle mah nizzle. Bippity boppity boo.


“or else it gets the hose again.”

I’ve seen that movie TOO many times.
Another shameless plug:

NCB, why have I not receive any email notifications yet for my two dinky posts at your boards? I did request them.

I want to see Dawn of the Dead.


Zombies get a bad rap.

EZBoard is crap, viva. The only way to see if there have been replies is to check the board itself.

Well, shit on toast! You mean I actually have to, you know, like, think about it and do work and stuff???


Oooo an EZboard, which auto logs me in under my other online handle …

At the bottom left of each thread page is a link called:

** Click to receive email notification of replies **

What name is that?

I was wondering whether to link to you in my sig.

I have.

-Gartog (NIFSTD Moderator)

Considering the negative response I somehow generate in docile Star Trek discussions, methinks it best to avoid a frenetic one.

No, SPOOFE, I think you should join. I like watching you work, skewering Trekkies with bold thrusts of your logic, pointing out inconsistencies in canonical sources…

Don’t you have this backwards? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, SPOOFE, my first post over there was in honor of you.:smiley:

yeah, it’s named for Trek, but with people like Steve Wright, Aslan, and Dr. Charles Hunter posting over there, I think the rest of the general Sci-Fi and Fantasy realms are going to be well represented.

Besides, I’m a Star Wars fan myself. I seem to recall a certain SW thread of mine here going over 10 pages! I’m also very big on Tolkien, Heinlein, Whedon, and Niven.

Flames are verbotten over there, period. But, fan based discussions are most welcome, regardless of what in those genres you are actually a fan of.

Will there be phaser-cutting phasers?