Nocturnal reptiles?

On another thread, blondebear suggested krait collecting. Not knowing what that might be, I looked it up.
Nocturnal? how can that be? Most snakes I know restore themselves by sunbathing.

Quite a few lizard species are primarily nocturnal. Geckos and gila monsters come to mind.

There’s a great variety of such behaviors in reptiles, but in general–speaking very, very generally–most snakes are less likely to require direct sunlight for health, while–again, generally–most lizards and turtles require it in order to metabolize calcium. If the climate is warm enough, that’s all most snakes need; not the light, just the degrees.

Most kraits are found in Southern Asia (warm), but interestingly enough, some kraits extend their range into Nepal. That surprised me, but I suspect they would be found in the Indo-Gangetic Plains, which does have a hot and humid climate.