Noel: 10-22-96 to 02-25-09

So our eldest cat, Noel, hasn’t been feeling well for awhile now. For the last six months or so, she was vomitting regularly. We figured it was because she was just not chewing her food properly, because she has no teeth*. Well after a few months, I FINALLY convinced my mother to take her to the vet-after she projectile vomitted one night, causing such a bad splashback she needed a bath.

Well, they did her bloodwork, everything seemed okay, so the doctor recommended putting her on an antacid. No EKG-Mom didn’t want to put her through that.

After that-no more puking, other than the usual hairballs-which all cats do anyways.

But then the last couple nights, she was having the dry heaves, and then the night before last, she went into a severe sneezing fit, snot flying everywhere, etc.

Her breathing’s been labored, so Mom had made a vet’s appointment for today. We knew it was probably only about a month or two left for her. She’s 12 years old, after all.

Well, I laid down for about an hour earlier, as I had a pounding headache. Mom came in as I was waking up.

“Noel’s gone.” She told me that she had gone into severe cardiac arrest at the animal hospital.
When we got Noel, I was 18, and going through severe depression. It may sound stupid, but having a new kitten around was kind of helpful. Our Fluffy was 12 when we got Noel, and the latter used to torment the living HELL out of poor Fluffy. She’d chase Fluffy up and down the stairs, jump all over her, bat her constantly in the face, and when Fluffy was laying down somewhere, Noel would try and squeeze up really close and try to cuddle. Fluffy, at 12, was in fairly good health and made it to 16. But eventually, they came to tolerate each other. When Fluffy died, Noel kept looking at me, as if to say, “Where is she?”

Our dog at the time, a Westie named Lassie (my SISTER named her), adopted Noel, and was extra protective of her. After Lassie died, we got another Westie, Lexie, and Noel took over the role of protector of the other cats. When she thought Lexie had hurt them, (even if she hadn’t), she’d JUMP on the dog’s back, and start whaling the tar out of her. My mother was badly bitten once trying to separate the two of them.

Noel liked to wake everyone up in the middle of the night, rattling things on my mother’s dresser-not necessarily because she was hungry, or even wanted attention-just because she wanted someone to be awake.

She had a fetish for plastic-if you had a plastic wrapper, or bag, you had to get it out of the way, because she’d start licking and chewing it, and she’d get really pissed if you tried to take it off of her.

She was the only cat I knew of who LIKED to be picked up and carried around. The others would prefer to come to you and then cuddle. Not Noel.

I miss you, Noel.

I lost another cat around this time last year-our Misty died of nasal cancer at the age of 8.

(Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of them online right now.)

*She had to have them pulled years ago, due to a gum condition-it was almost like her gums were allergic to her enamel is how the vet described it.

My sympathies to you and others with a Noel-shaped hole where a kitty should be. This past year, my parents lost (in a very literal way; one morning, he just didn’t come home) a long-haired gray cat that my mom found in the parking lot at her office about 8 ears ago. She was the last one out on Christmas eve, so she named him Noel.

Thanks. I’m so sorry about your Noel, too.

To picture Noel: a skinny (well, slim), small white-short hair-her right eye was blue, and her left was hazel. She looked almost like a rabbit. (Especially since last year, she got into with another one of the cats, somehow she hurt her tail, kept chewing on it, until it eventually had it be amputated. And then all she had was a little bunny stump)

She was also a total stuck-up little bitch-but at the same time, she was very affectionate. Just very, very snobby. (She was Queen Bee, and you did NOT mess with her)

I remember the day Dad brought her home. I came home from work, and as usual then, I had spent the day trying not to cry. Dad had picked me up, and then when I came in the door, my mother called me into the bathroom, where we were keeping her for the time being. It was just a few days before Christmas-and this was Mom’s Xmas present. (We had been talking about getting a kitten for a while).

Oh, was Fluffy PISSED!!! Noel kept hissing and growling at Lassie, who kept trying to go over and see her-but then they ended up being best friends.

Yeah, I like to think they’re up there now, with a few other animals we’ve had in the past. :frowning:

Sorry for your loss. One of the reasons I now have 5 kittehs is because I simply can’t imagine handling life without a kitteh. (Though, I must confess, I would be willing to part with a kitteh or two or three if someone wanted them.)

We have four others, actually:


Gypsy is the “official” oldest, although it very well could be Buffy-they’re littermates. But we’ve always considered Gypsy to be the elder of the pair, if only because she ACTS older. I don’t think Buffy will ever grow up. (She’s grown OUTWARD, though, if that counts)

I’m sorry, it sucks losing a pet you’ve had a long time. My family has always had a cat or two around.

I’m sorry about your kitty. :frowning:

I’m so sorry! I know how hard it is to lose pets close to each other, time-wise.

Do you know ultimately what caused her illness? I have a cat who is probably near 15 (got her as an adult, so no precise age) and she also vomits a lot more than my other cats (but she always has), and sometimes she sneezes, too. Her blood work checks out fine.

Just old age, I guess. That and a heart murmur-that she’s had all of her life-so I suppose she just gave out.

What bothers me now is that I haven’t cried yet. I want to. But I can’t.

I am sorry to hear of your loss. Sending supporting thoughts your way.

Awww** Guin**, I’m sorry to hear this. So hard to lose a pet. :frowning: