Nominate Your Favorite Thread(s0 of 2000 Here!

It is hard to put a rating system on something as diverse as what is encountered here, but here is the few favorite threads ( any forum):

  1. Goat Porn by Scylla

  2. Offical SD protest is in effect. by Concrete (who is banned)

  3. Celebrity Dead Pool 2000 by Little Nemo.

4: What should I do with this woman’s underpants by …::: blushing:::: Me!

  1. A cogent and measured essay by xenophone

  2. Apologies by the handsome and virile CK Dexhaven.

There are a few others, but it’s late…

How in the hell do you hide the link stuff jibberish? (Don’t you just love it when I talk tech?)

You mean how do you make a link without typing out the http://?

Type the following:

{URL=“”}Click Here{/URL}

but replace { and } with [ and ] .

[sub]I hope that’s what you’re asking[/sub]

Thanks Zero Head!

Let’s see if it works:

[] Straight dope home page. Click here.

[] this is just a test

Obviously, I am a mo-ron.

Time for bed.

You have to put URL=" before for the url to get it to work, Shirley. Like this:

Straight dope home page. Click here

The above was accomplished by (without the spaces around the = sign.):

[URL = “”]Straight dope home page. Click here

Hope this helps!

How to kill evil Nazi Groundhogs

I’ve only been here a short time, but I’ve browsed back many months…and by far, still my favorite is:
The Telemarketer Speaks, I Respond

I…actually had to leave my office to laugh in the hallway.


The system is running slow right now, so I’m not going to clog it up more by searching for old thread links. But here are some of my favorites that I can recall right now…

The greatest debate…
Gravitists vs. Downists

The generic threads…

What color is your toothbrush?

Would you use someone else’s toothbrush?

Funniest Thread:
Funny things said during love making/intimate moments…

Okay, so it got started in 1999. Many of the funny posts are from 2000, and I read it in 2000.

Most Informative (Single Post):
CK Dexter Haven’s response in
Palestinian-Israeli Crisis

Most Interesting:
Falkland Islands
I hadn’t known all that much about the 1982 conflict. It had a great deal of information, including some first person recollections.

Most Annoying:
Any of a million election threads in which someone refers to the Democratic nominee as Algore or the Republican nominee as Shrub and then complains that people are ignoring the issues.

Most Helpful:
This one, in which I learned how to do that funky URL stuff.
Except… it’s 2001, so it doesn’t count.

I laughed so hard while reading This Thread that I damn near lost my job.

Keeper, we must be on the same wave length. You posted that same link a few minutes before me.

ok - here they are (sense a theme?)