Non-Alcoholic Shots

Crazy request here, but I’m trying to think of ideas of non-alcoholic shots that would be fun/tasty. Any idears?

Tabasco, straight-up. Call it a Virgin Prairie Fire.

It would be fun…perhaps not for the drinker but for everyone watching.

It’s also endorsed by nerdcore artist Beefy (Warning: direct mp3 link with some impolite language).

warm, melted dark chocolate…mmmm

Jello shots w/o the vodka.

Sour mix and soda

ginger ale and pomegranate juice

pineapple juice and pomegranate juice

grapefruit, pineapple and pomegranate juices

pomegranate juice


What the fuck is wrong with you?

I wouldn’t put it exactly this way, but I was thinking the same thing. As a liquor drinker, I really hate people who “do shots,” but I understand that this is the quickest way to deliver alcohol. In other words, “lets do shots” means “let’s get trashed.” I don’t see the point in doing them otherwise.

apple pie shots minus the apple vodka: apple juice, whipped cream, cinnamon

lick hand/stripper’s nipple, sprinkle sugar.

shoot lemon/lime juice

suck sugar from hand/stripper’s nipple

(not approved by the American Dental Association)

So this is the alcoholic equivalent of candy cigarettes?

What’s the point? The idea behind “doing a shot” is consuming the alcohol so quickly you can’t taste it. If you want to drink something delicious and nonalcoholic, there’s no point in drinking it out of a shotglass.

Also, you’ll be less likely to be mistaken for the sort of moron who does shots of liquor.

Thanks everyone!

Well, it’s a bit of a tradition with a group of old friends from college. We would all do a shot of Jagermeister. That started on the day of the funeral for one of our close friends in the circle. We did a toast and a shot for him and then it became pretty much a tradition to honor him and to bond together. Now, some of us have grown-up and don’t drink alcohol and I would still like to keep that tradition alive and respect the choice of the folks who don’t want to have the intoxication. So, if that makes us morons, so be it. :rolleyes:

Well, if it’s Jagermeister you’re remembering, then let’s make a cinnamon shot! I’d use apple juice with a bunch of red hots or atomic fireballs melted in it. Make it ahead a few days, to give it time to disolve. You can even get edible gold leaf at a baking supply store and put a few flakes in the bottle!

You’re thinking of Goldschlager, not Jagermeister.

You’re so right. I am an idiot.

Can you tell it’s been way too long since I’ve been in college?
(What does Jagermeister taste like? I’m an herbalist, but can’t for the life of me tell what “herbal” taste it’s supposed to have. Perhaps licorice, but not good licorice…)

Yeah, Jag has that horrid black licorice/anise taste to it.

I was at a restaurant yesterday where one of the dessert items was a shot of pure maple syrup. For $2.65!

You misspelled “anus.”
Anyway, I would think that having friends who no longer drink would offer the opportunity to change the tradition to a more dignified, if less authentic, toast. It’s your party, though; you know your own friends and I’ll butt out now.

If you want something that tastes like Jagermeister, get a bottle of cough medicine!

Try grapefruit juice; you get that shudder without getting smashed.

The whole point of slamming down shots is that you want the buzz, but you don’t like the taste of the booze. I prefer to pour something that tastes good, and drink it more slowly.

Hmm…anise or fennel steeped in grapefruit juice, perhaps? Blech!