Non-Americans: the US Presidential election really is a train wreck, isn't it?

On both sides.

Sure we hear here more about Trump, but the Democrat side is just as bad, isn’t it?

I don’t think we hear that much about the Democrat side.

In all honesty, with a recent history of GW Bush, Palin, Santorum and that “the rent is too damn high” guy… our glimpse of American politics has given a fairly constant impression. Just as that we know it is just a part of the politicians that are like this (and we have similar types as well).

Hey, Americans are perfectly qualified to tell you our election is a train wreck too!

You can be unhappy with the Dem side but no, it is not by any measure just as bad. Not even close.


The two year campaign is a little over the top, no?

No, the DemocratIC side is nowhere near as bad as the Republican side. Not even close.

No both are delightful and refreshing to see-finally the American people in all their wisdom have risen to end the Age of cant and euphemism in favour of a healthy national and social populism.

Winner! :smiley:

Oh please. Don’t think we don’t notice the shenanigans. Don’t think we don’t notice the dismissal of Clinton’s competitors by TPTB. Don’t think we don’t notice the whiff of scandal. Don’t think we don’t notice the timing of the debates. Etc. And yet Clinton is hardly making a good showing (JEB anyone?), let alone cover herself in glory. And yet her opponents survive and thrive.

I don’t understand what any of these sentences mean.

O’Malley is hardly thriving. Bernie is doing well, that’s true.

“Two”? The next presidential election campaign season begins February 2017. That’s just how it works here.

Of course, nothing publicly visible is likely to start before 2019.

France, home of Marine LePen, is in no position to comment on our elections.

Nor is Sweden, where a former fascist party now leads many polls.

Nor is Italy, which had its own millionaire egomaniac as head of state.

In fact, nationalist anti-immigrant parties are thriving all over Europe.

Last I checked, no Democratic candidate has:

  • Insulted a man who spent over five years in a North Vietnamese prison camp.
  • Publicly humiliated a man suffering a severe medical condition.
  • Categorically accused millions of people of being murderers and rapists.
  • Endorsed a plan to deport millions of people with not the slightest hint of how this could actually be accomplished or paid for.
  • Endorsed a plan to spend billions of dollars installing fences in the most remote mountains and deserts in America.
  • Suggested prohibiting 1/4 of the human population from entering America on the basis of religion (again, with no hint of how this would or could be accomplished)
  • Publicly accused a female reported or being on her period.
  • Uttered blatant lies about American Muslims on 9/11.
  • Accused over 95% of climate scientists as participating in a mass hoax
  • Supported the WW2 internment of Japanese Americans
  • Supported the idea of a dictator murdering their political opponents and public critics.

And this is just what I could come up with off the top of my head. These notions are depraved in ways I struggle to articulate. This is a litany of a man who rejects with contempt the very notion of a free and democratic society, who rejects the very concept of free religion and press, who openly admires the concept of murdering people who disagree with him. This is fascism in its most glaring and naked form. This is blatant, stupid, hatred that appeals to the most base and hideous instincts of the stupidest, least educated, and most violent extremists in our country. This is the most shameful display of disconnected narcissism, pathological manipulation, and callous incompetence that I can conceive of.

And no, the Democratic party hasn’t offered up anything even close to this level of brainless, humiliating, fascist rhetoric. Not even fucking close. Show me one, just one, example of a Democrat extolling concentration camps, murder, and religious hate on par with this. Just ONE.

And the guy you describe is not even the worst of the two top frontrunners in that party.

LOL, yeah… I should have ended that post with, “And that’s the sane one…”

It’s continuous. Just a part of life here. The only variable is the intensity, and that can be hard to judge too.

He’s saying DNC chair Debbie Schultz and the rest of the establishment have rigged the debate schedules in favor of Hillary, ditto the media doing everything in their power to bury Bernie to promote Hillary. This is less evident as of late, what with Bernie’s surge, but it’s been a common CT on the left.

A dictatorship in America wouldn’t announce the end of elections. The elections would be eternal, the debates never ending, a new scandal every week, but the day of voting would always be a year away. Most people wouldn’t notice the difference.

And the left has been pretty vocal in calling them out on that. Hillary is by no means the sure thing that she first appeared to be.