Non-Californians: What Do You Want To Say To SDMB California Voters?

I used to live in California…loved it and still have a few friends who haven’t moved away.

For those Californians reading this, vote NO on the recall.

Yes, I know Davis is not the best, and things are a little bleak…but in the grand scheme of things, elected officials should be allowed to stay in office unless they have committed a felony.

Plus, the whole mess is making California look like a land of idiots…and coming from a fan of California, you can imagine what others think. Besides, doesn’t this whole thing smack of a sneaky plot by the Republicans to get a foothold in 2004?

By the way…I think Arnold is probably not all that bad a guy, and his intentions are probably good. I just don’t think he is the right guy for the job. Actually, his wife, Maria, would have made a far better candidate!

Just my 2 cents.

I think it’s a bit late to keep us from “making California look like a land of idiots.”

I’m looking at the guy whose qualifications are “I breathe.” At least he’s honest. :smiley:

A friend from Kansas told me the other day that we look like a circus (which we probably do), and asked me what I thought of Kansas. Well, I didn’t have the heart to tell him the true answer: “I don’t”. It’s sort of how everyone outside the US admires, hates and is fascinated by the US, all at the same time. And what does the average American think about the non-USer? well, they don’t. I mean, we want the best for them, but we pretty much think about our own problems and issues.

So, I’m happy to listen to my friend from Kansas’s opinion on my business. and his fascination with what he perceives (somewhat correctly) as a circus. But truth is, his opinion doesn’t in any way effect me. and my listening to his opinion is really just for politeness sake.

Thanks for your opinion, DMark.

As a non-Californian, I think the position should be filled by lottery. (Plus, I still demand that Gary Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger aren’t running as a single candidate, a la Beyond Thunderdome’s Master/Blaster.)

As a non-Kansan, I’m mostly grateful that, a few years ago, they afforded me the opportunity to add a parenthetical of “…or as they say in Kansas, created” in any sentence where I used the word “evolved”.

They should run as a single candidate, rather than the previous victim of only halfway-editing a previous version.

California is in deep financial doodoo. So, how much does holding a recall election cost? The Republicans, those of the “reduce government spending” mantra, instigated this idiocy. Every day on the news we see some dipshit saying they’ll vote for Arnold because he was like so awesome in the Terminator, or something similarly vacuous. Essentially, California is the next Floriduh…

Being a non-californian and for that matter a non-USer i don’t really care who wins, with one definite execption.

I believe the guy i’m talking about is called Tom McClintock. I heard on the news that this man honestly believes that “Money should be taken from public transport to build more freeways”

Needless to say i find it exteremely difficult to believe that ANY one in this day and age could actually believe that.

Appologies as i cannot find a cite for the above information and if i am actually wrong (possible) feel free to correct me.

The movies coming out of Hollywood recently haven’t been very good, so I’d like all you Californians to please vote for Schwarzenegger, Coleman or that porno chick so the rest of us can finally have some decent entertainment again.

I would ask that regardless of the outcome of this recall (to which I would encourage a no vote on recall and a yes vote for Bustamente) that y’all immediately undertake initiatives both to change the recall system itself so that this kind of vanity recall can’t happen again, and an initiative to reform the initiative process to make it a little harder for initiatives to get on the ballot in the first place. I’m all for government by the people but what’s the point of even having a representative government if every five minutes someone’s in your face with a petition?

This guy strikes me as a bit of a psycho. There was one interview with him where he said “There are two parties: the stupid one and the evil one. And everyone knows which is which.” Really? I’d say both have moments of extreme stupidity, but would never claim one or the other was outright evil. Either way he’s saying he’s stupid or evil! Very peculiar. (This was a local TV interview…not sure if it’s cited anywhere.)

I’m not going to get into the recall/candidate debate, but I will beg you to vote against proposition 54 that will remove racial/ethnic identifiers from goverment forms.

We in epidemiology/biostatistics/public health love California because it is such a diverse state. We can get lots of information there on areas of disparity in health care and ethnic differences in disease trends. Removing those identifiers, as much of a pain as some people view them to be, would make life a lot harder for us and slow down gains in knowledge in public health and epidemiology. We NEED this information to be able to work towards better health care access for everyone.


I would like the thank California for making Florida elections look good again.

I’d vote for Gallagher. He seems to represent the idiocy of the election.
Besides, imagine the first 3 rows of press conferences being the “danger zone.”

I’m already with you, DMark. Davis has done a pretty piss-poor job, and I’m looking forward to him leaving office. But not this way. The recall sets a really, really bad precedent. I’m definitely voting ‘no’ on the recall, and have been urging everyone I can to do so as well.

I’m also with you on thinking that Arnold probably has mostly good intentions, and will attempt to actually do a decent job. The question is, can he do a decent job? I get the feeling we’re going to find out, but not with my help. I won’t be voting for him. So who am I voting for? To be honest, I’m still not 100% decided. It’s really not an easy choice. I’m a democrat, but I really don’t like Bustamante either. McClintock came across pretty well in the debates, but he’s just way to conservative for me. So I just might vote Camejo, the Green candidate.

Oh, and Fillepe:

I don’t recall hearing that from him myself, but if it is accurate, he’s just being realistic. It may be a little hard for those not from L.A. to understand, but public transportation just doesn’t work out here (at least not on the scale it works in other big cities). Why, I’m not sure I could explain. Partly because L.A. is different from most big cities in that it’s so amazingly sprawling, I guess. People drive here. As much as it would help a lot of things to have a good public transportation system, that’s just not going to change anytime soon. Spending millions and millions on a public transportation system that’s really not going to get significant use doesn’t make sense, and McClintock is just being realistic about that. Taking much of that money earmarked for public transportation and building more freeways to help unburden the already over-congested ones may not make sense anywhere else, but it does here.

Public what-now?

Colorado is pretty flush with refugees from the Golden state. I hear a lot of stories about the way things are in California. I’d leave too. Autocrats deciding to raise license plates by 300% and other such taxation. If California voters(the People) decide that Arnold is suitable, OK by me. They also gave us Ronald Reagan.

i say keep Davis the less jobs California has means more jobs for my state

Good People of California, if the polls bear out, thank you for absorbing the mantle of “Look Who Those Boobs Voted into the Governor’s Office” from us, the denizens of Minnesota.

Hmm, well I still don’t know that i believe it is a good idea, but as your are actully from L.A. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Sure doesn’t make him look like the sharpest knife in the block to anyone not from L.A though.

What do I want to say to California voters?

[ul]:smiley: [sup]Hasta la vida, Baby![/sup][/ul]

I’d just point and laugh, but I voted for Bush, so don’t put too much faith in my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:
I do have an interesting thought, though: Ventura won in Minnesota, now looks like Arnold’s going to win in CA… How much longer before the alien from Predator decides to run for governor? :eek: