CALIFORNIA the DUMBEST state in the Union

I’m just getting this rant of my chest.

The capacity of California voters for stupidity is so exceptional, so singularly vast in scope, that it defies measure and description.

California, you deserve what you get.

Yeah, rub it in, asshole.

At least Arnnie is better looking than Jesse Ventura

ex, who is going to start a recall drive tomorrow

I suppose I deserve thtat. I don’t mean to run it in…you see, the problem is that I love California, and always have. It makes me bitter to see the people of that beautiful state making such unbelievably dumb decisions.

Oh, I forgot the proper similies for California politics:




Words cannot express how disgusted I am at the result of this election.


And how fucking scared I am for us now.


Yeah…damned California politics. What the hell is wrong with you people?


I know you guys, I know. I can’t believe those damned fools voted down Prop. 54.

Wow… there are more nutjobs in California than I ever suspected.

I live there. I voted there. And I figured my fellow Californians for more sense.

Shit, what next? Bush wins here in 2004?

Be afraid.

BTW…CA the dumbest? I’m not too sure about that. The big 4 haven’t impressed me too much with their choice of politicians lately esp…Fla. Tx. and Ca. which by the way. Now that Arnie (GHWB’ poster boy) is
the Man Shrub will probably take Ca. as well as Tx. and Fla.

looks like the Bushies wins again :eek:

Because everyone knows that an actor could NEVER have any sort of intelligence or capability off-camera, ever. No, never. No actor, ever, in the history of the universe, has EVER shown an acumen for, oh, business, or economics - not even the actors that made millions through market savvy long before they made it big as a movie star!

Christ, God forbid you bigots pull your narrow-minded heads out of your too-tight assholes and actually look beyond the British tabloid guffaws…

Arnie is pretty liberal for a Republican; I would hardly call him a poster boy for Bush.

Look on the bright side: For the title of Most Baffling Boneheaded Political Actions By The Populace, there can be only one. And now it’s you. The state of Florida thanks you. :slight_smile:

Electing Davis in the first place was the dumbest thing we did as a state. Even those opposed to the recall think he’s an idiot.
BTW, Bush ain’t taking California. No way, no how. I doubt he’ll be able to take Texas when election time rolls around.

What’s wrong with it? Hell, you couldn’t write satire this good…

I hope we can learn something from all of this. Arnold (and his voters) are going to quickly discover that outsiders play the same field as the cronys- one full of legislature, comprimise, red tape, laws and stumbling blocks to any great change. Just because you say you have a good idea or want to “fix the state” doesn’t mean you can automatically make that happen. Politics takes more than swagger. It even takes more than an honest desire for change.

Now, let me rant.

I don’t think Arnold is the worst person in the world.

But he is a walking cock. That is his appeal. He’s a cock and he said he’s gonna give California a good old fashioned fucking and that’ll fix everything. America is really in to the wang thing right now. we are electing penii left and right. George Bush is one of them. We don’t want a leader. We want a big fucking penis.

Which brings me to my next point. Groping allegations or not, Arnold gives off the air of one of those people that profoundly doesn’t get women. Like he’s never sat down and had a good long talk with one. He knows intellectually that they are human and all, but he doesn’t quite see how they fit into his world or how exactly he ought to interact with them. I mean, he knows how to fuck them, and how to eat breakfast with his wife, and how to call his mother on Christmas. But he’s apt to dismiss their deeper conversations as “women’s babble” and is likely to let them chatter away in the kitchen as he finishes up the real business with his buddies in the living room. This isn’t that uncommon of an attitude. But it’s a disturbing one from someone that is going to be governing every single woman in California.

Which leads me to my next problem. Why the hell did you vote for him? I have personally heard many people talk about how “cool” it was to vote for him. I mean, is it really that much fun voting for a big cock? It must be- we had a great turn out. Am I mistaken for not interpreting this as a sudden newfound interest in the intricacies of public policy? I don’t think I am. I think people voted for this guy just to be little punks.

And as much as I wish they could get what is coming to them, but I have to live in this state.

Amen. What I found truly amusing is the fact that both U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder, D-Ark. are trying to pass bills that repeal the Constitutional provision that disallows foreign-born citizens of the US from becoming President. (linky: There were tons of other cites on Google, I’ll let you look those up as you wish )

If that happens, then the crack-me-up bit from Demolition Man where Sylvester Stallone marvels at the fact the Govinator was elected President at one point will become true, proving once again, truth truly is stranger than fiction.

Well, at least there’s plenty of material there for political comedians to work with…Arnie doesn’t even have to do anything significant to garner the political jokes he’s bound to get in the coming months.

Oh for gods sake. Now everyone who was against Arnie as Gov is a bigot?


Well, that’s just another aspect of the problem. Real-life is exceeding the imaginations of our satirists in coming up with bizarre and surrealistic situations. The satirists will no longer have a frame of reference against which to cast their ideas into relief, and will all have to go out and get regular jobs.

The above is inspired by Lloyd Dangle’s Troubletown

SHeeeit man, where the hell you been the past three years. Ain’t nobody gonna stop ol’ Geedubya…he’s got Poppy pulling the strings. He got fu***ng Florida didn’t he. **AND believe me when I say…the good ol’ boys around here ARE votin for Bubba next time too. Even if they have to walk from the damned poor house to do it.

Arnold was Poppy’s boy or have you forgotten. Think he, Bush and his Kennedy connects don’t know how to win an election, come on…wake up already. The man is a fucking pervert and a criminal. Why don’t you walk into a restaurant full of people and grab a waitress…see if they elect you governor.

or maybe go get a DWI and do a little coke…piss off a few million bucks maybe even go AWOL for a year and see how quick you get to be prez.

It’s who ya know buddy…and how many $$$ ya got. :wink:

BTW California’s got a few loose chads hanging around somewhere I bet, wait and see.