I hope Arnold disappoints them.

The idiots who voted for the Terminator, the macho shitheads who voted for him because they envy his way with the ladies; the guys who think he’ll make California the Party Hearty State. I hope Schwarzengrabber becomes a good governor and disappoints them all. I’m gonna hold off on the whole holding-my-breath thing for the time being, however.

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More like the Pit.

Uh… yeah… ok… I’ll agree to that short outburst of anger.

I’ll throw a debate in here. I have no idea why someone would vote for Arnold. What kind of qualifications does he have to be governor? Has he done anything outside of being a movie star, more known for his muscles than his brain? Is there any reason at all to vote for this guy?

Well Hamlet I agree with you. What experience does he have? Uh I guess he is counting family dinner discussions with the Kennedy/Shrivers as working knowledge.

Who would vote for Gary Coleman? He got 10,000 votes! The guy is a mall security guard. They make like $6.75 an hour. How did he even pay for the campaign?

This has been done many times on the board.

However, Arnold is not just a movie star. He came to this country with nothing and became a millionare investing in real estate before even starting his acting carreer.

I see no reason to believe that his brain isn’t just as impressive as his muscles.

As far as qualifications goes, I think they are over-rated. This country was never intended to be governed by a ruling class of politicians who have never had a real job. I’d rather have an actor, farmer, businessman or doctor running my state than a proffessional politician.

Reasons to vote for him are many. He is a conservative on fiscal issues, so hopefully he can get the outragous spending of CA in control and restore some sanity to the state. He is more moderate on social issues which is in line with the politics of most folks in CA.

As a popular outsider with a clear mandate he is exactly what the corrupt, nearly bankrupt state of California needs, IMO.

I hope he succeeds in getting a handle on California’s problems. I don’t have much confidnece he will though.

Without commenting on your wishes, according to this article in CNN it was mostly rich-white-women who elected him:

$50k is “rich” ?

At least “financially confortable”, according to CNN.

“The people get the sort of government they deserve.”

Good luck to you all.

Not only according to CNN, but also by Bill Clinton’s standards.

In Arkansas or Ohio, it lets one enjoy a considerably better material standard of living than in California.

And what exactly is the debate here ?

Besides substantiating the fact that certain posters are miserable sorelosers, who hold grudges, I really don’t see any debate here.

And what exactly is the connection between investing in real estate and being qualified to be Governor of California?

I guess you haven’t heard him talk, then.:wink:

Wait a minute. Most of the voters were white educated Republican women with incomes? As in, “most”=70% or so? What happened to all the Democrats in this majority Dem state, did they disappear or fail to vote? How’bout the males–is CNN claiming that the vast majority of male registered voters didn’t show, though the turnout was unprecedentedly large? And no minorities voted at all? This CNN sentence does not make sense to me. If most registered voters did vote (~70-80%) yesterday, then most of them (~70%) simply cannot have been white educated Republican women with incomes. For one thing, an awful lot of white educated voting women in this state are Democrats. That is not an acceptable statement, unless CNN has some serious numbers as to what they mean by “most,” and where and when they did the polls, and who exactly got polled.
–genie, a white female sorta-Democrat college-educated comfortable voter who did not vote for Schwarzenegger, no sirree.

Parsing the sentence from CNN, by reading down a few paragraphs:

More voters in the election were white than non-white.
More voters in the election were female than male.
More voters in the election were Republican than Democrat (39% to 38%)
There is no further data confirming the college education claim in the article, nor, specifically, the income claim.

It is very likely that each of these individual statements is correct, but the paragraph lumping them all together is, well, misleading at best. The next paragragh, incidentally, is totally without support:

*Poor people, minorities and people with little or no education – arguably the portion of the electorate with the most to lose or gain – stayed home *

After editing out the anger and substituting a single word that is a bit less loaded I can agree with the OP. Our most populous state needs to work out its financial problems before they affect the rest of the country more than they have already and maybe a more effective governor is what they need and maybe Arnie is that man.

Maybe. We can only hope.

I remember when it was…and I’m only 32…