The Governator wins!

CNN is reporting that Gray Davis has been recalled and Arnie is in. Drudge is reporting that it wasn’t even close.

So, Californians, you got a new governor. Opinions? Fallout? General whines?

A free round of cigars and steroids for everyone! This should… no this will be interesting!:wink:

I just want to hear Arnie , in his victory speech saying


Hasta la Vista baby

But alas , in the same CNN article, the back room boys are planning on launching lawsuits , to as they put it , not be intimidated by republican goon tactics this time.


Could this country get any more surreal? The Cubbies and the Red Sox in post season, now this. is going to go out of business. There’s nothing left to parody.

[gratuitous Austrian joke]
You’ve won the California govenor’s race, what are you going to do next?

I’m going to Sudatenland.

Glad I don’t live there anymore.

I’m just looking forward to Conan’s monologe tonight.

MSN is reporting Schwartzy’s victory as well. They’re saying that a full 72% of people voted to kick out Davis.

Glad I live 3000 miles away! :rolleyes:

Really? I’ve never been gladder to live here!

If an ex-bodybuilder turned action-movie star and admitted molester can be elected to the governorship of a major state…

Is it possible this is the Red Sox’s year???


cluthes the sides of his head and rolls on the ground



You lived in the Sudatenland?

I’m waiting for Arnold to turn Gray Davis over his knee and go:

/thick Austrian accent ON

Who’s yo daddy? Who’s yo daddy?

/accent OFF

I’m torn. On the one hand, Conan the Barbarian is the governor of my state. On the other hand, this is the best thing to happen to comedic late night since. . . I don’t know, Monica’s cigar maybe? So my state has a good chance of going further to hell but it’s going to be funny.

My condolences.

Americans are such celebrity worshippers that they would no doubt put Elmer Fudd in office, if possible.

Of course, because NONE of us think that he might actually make a good governor. Nuh-uh, not one.

18.4 % ( 2804 of 15213 ) precincts reporting as of Oct 7, 2003 at 9:16 pm

Yes 1,102,695 55.4
No 890,434 44.6

Arnold Schwarzenegger Rep 961,453 51.0
Cruz M. Bustamante Dem 576,080 30.6

That’s 18.4%. It doesn’t look like a done deal to me yet. You can follow along here. I think they are more on top of it then CNN.

Glad you agree…

But “Americans are such celebrity-worshippers” sounds so much more polite than “Americans are such brainless gits.” :wink: