Governor Schwarzenegger!!!

I have to admit the whole California Governor’s race thing really didn’t seem real to me until I stumbled across the California Government’s web page and there he is, the Governor!

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s *really weird * looking at it. It’s real! It’s fake! It’s two dissonant concepts in one! It’s like I’m looking at a movie poster that’s real. I don’t really know how to describe the impression. It’s just odd, really odd. It’s a double, double take.

Take a look!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, The People’s Governor

That’s so wrong. Everyone knows the The Rock will be the People’s Governor.


Did Arnie eat a fistful of Valium before they took that picture?

Scroll down a bit…look to the right. “Other resources, First Lady Maria Shriver”. Yep, just keeps getting weirder & weirder.

Did anybody else read his intro in the classic Arnie voice…?


/crawls back under geek rock…

Very last thing under “Other Options”? The “Car Tax Rate Calculator.” Betcha that one’s not going to be there much longer if Governor Schwarzenegger gets his way.

On the plus side of this whole thing, at least I’ve finally arsed myself to learn how to spell “Schwarzenegger” correctly. Now if I could only manage to pronounce it without tripping over my tongue.

I was going to post exactly that! I kept cracking up!

Hello, my name is Ahhnold, your friendly actor turned guv’nor.

I looks like he had gotten lucky some 30 min before they took that picture.

By exactly that i meant emperor penguin’s post

I was absolutely floored when he won (I thought he would get a couple of thousand votes at best), I knew some folks that lived in San Diego and when the “governator” won they moved to North Carolina!


Indeed, with Herr Gropenfuehrer in office one wonders just who will be the next Man in the High Office. Montana has in Judy Martz a moron who needs to be replaced, and I think we should shop around for famous actors. Hell, enough of them vacation here anyway, we might as well rope them into the political system.

Here’s a few options I have in mind:
[li]Jack Nicholson: Spooky psychopath taking a baseball bat to partisan politics and smashing the windshield of the establishment![/li][li]Ted Nugent: Hell, this is what the rest of the world thinks we’re like anyway. He’ll get all of Montana’s gun laws repealed and we’ll hunt wild game on the streets of the major cities.[/li][li]Joey Ramone: Missouri can elect a dead guy, so can we. We can set Ashcroft up as a candidate so he can, once again, be judged less competent than a corpse.[/li][li]Sylvester Stallone: If we can’t understand him, does that mean we get to ignore him?[/li][li]Ronald Reagan: Only if he makes the state of the state addresses himself, unaided. “My fellow Americans, we should all kill the damned Commies! Bomb! Bomb! Mr. Gorbachev, tear the motherfuckers down!”[/li][/ul]

unclviny wrote

Good riddence.

Let’s see how it works out with Callyfornya’s governor first. If they can ignore him with no real problems, I say go for it!

This does seem surreal.

But at least one friend is happy about saving $300 in car tag renewal fees.

So far, he’s not doing a bad job.

To bad nobody will notice that under all the partisan crap.

He repealed the car tax the day he was swore in, and later that week the head of the DMV “resigned” over it, since the man had decided to play a little power game. He lost, the citizens of Calli win.

Good on the gov.

Yeah, except now you don’t have any money. When the government can’t provide basic services because of the gigantic deficit, ask yourself then if the citizens have won.

Hey, you’re talking about my boss darnit ( in a convoluted sort of way) Okay, I stook up for him, carry on.

For what it’s worth, the California government barely filled that niche before.

And we didn’t have any money before either. This government has been deficiet spending for something like 10 years now, and it’s finally catching up.

I wonder if Arnie will have the House and Senate arrested after they fail to sign a budget on time, as mandated by our law? That would be great, and guarantee him votes next time.

The thing is, I believe a lot of folks were voting for the Not Davis candidate, that for whatever their reason, people just wanted someone new. Whoever got the job was going to be at a disadvantage anyway; it’s not as if they’re taking over from a successful administration, right? It’s an uphill climb. But if you guys are honestly better off when this term is up, more power to him.

I’ll take what I can get, I hope we get solutions and competence and good use of tax money.

Right now, still on the existing budget, it is eight weeks and counting since the Special Registration Unit of the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in the state capital received the paperwork to correct the reg. to reflect the right license plate, on the car I am trying to sell

They take the paperwork in order received. I’druther just pay the fees and get the service.