CA Gov bets are on

OK. Political hoo-hah aside, who’s going to win the gubanatorial election on Tuesday? Arnold or Grey?

I vote Arnold.

Arnold by a good margin, and his percentage will be higher than the percentage that elect to keep Grey. Which’ll be nice because effectively it’ll give him a mandate to make some big changes.

As a CA voter, I do NOT vote Arnold.

However, it’s looking likely that the shlub will win.

Minnesota lived it down, sorta, so I guess we will. Eventually.

What a fucked up ticket.

Count me as a non-Arnold supporter who has gone through the five stages and is now in acceptance that Arnold win.

A Minnesotan friend of mine said that CA reminded him of MN when Ventura was elected. People don’t like Arnold. They just like the idea tha Arnold is running.

Well, there is an element of choosing the best of a bad situation, but I think it’s a bit patronizing to say that nobody wants Arnold when they’re voting heavily for him

36% (latest polling is “heavily”?

I’m still holding out hope for a last-minute Gary Coleman comeback.

Arnold, unfortunately.

Like CA couldn’t get any stranger.

Decisions … decisions … Who to vote for?

The Hitler admiring chikan or the unctuous, money obsessed and rightfully elected career politician.

Arnold Swa… yeah, him.