non-functional monitor -- worth posting to freecycle?

Mainly because I’m lazy and would rather someone pick it up, than to have to drag it across town to the electronics recycling center. :slight_smile:

In any case, it is this thing, and it is dead. The casing, glass, etc. are fine, but by my best guess the internal component(s) responsible for receiving/processing the video signal from the computer no longer work. It receives power, but the screen remains blank.

This might be useful to a tinkerer who would like to try to fix it, or cannibalize it for parts.

Or it might be absolutely useless and I should just schlep it to the recycling center.

Are you a tinkerer? Would you want to tinker with something like this?

I use freecycle quite a bit, and am personally tired of all the postings for broken equipment that fill my mailbox.
And repostings of the same broken equipment.
And re-repostings of the the same broken equipment.

My vote is to take it to a recycling center.

I’ve posted non-working electronics (a monitor and a DVD/VCR combo) to freecycle and they were picked up the next day. One woman said her son likes to futz around with computer equipment and he didn’t care that the monitor wasn’t working, and one woman said she runs a child care facility and the kids like to take things apart. I say go for it.

It couldn’t hurt, but as another person noted, don’t repost it if you get no takers.

We had someone take our old non-working Linksys router off our hands - he wanted to play with some stuff and didn’t want to risk messing up a usable unit. Admittedly, this was after I’d posted the working USB wi-fi receiver that our desktop used to use; the same person who wanted the receiver, was glad to have the router.

I see that the OP is talking about an LCD monitor, and I don’t know if you are too, or about a CRT, but you should never let someone tinker around with a CRT monitor if they don’t know what they’re doing. They have big ol’ capacitors in them, and if they discharge, those kids could get hurt.

Oh yeah, my plan is to explicitly say in the posting that I’m hauling it to the recycling center if I get no takers in a week. I figure that’s long enough for someone to see it and decide if they want it. I’m not planning on making more than the one posting.