(non-human) primates - love'em or hate 'em? (poll)

I get the impression that apes, monkeys etc are quite popular, but for some reason, I can’t stand 'em - with one or two exceptions - gorillas are cool and some of those little tamarins are quite interesting - but for the most part, I find them smelly, noisy and unpleasant to look at (especially the business with the huge pink arses and all).

The seemingly universally desired monkey butler concept gives me the heebie jeebies.

So: (non-human)primates; do you love them or hate them and why?

I used to be like you - finding most monkeyish creatures to be downright ugly. But now I see them as ‘interesting’ and fascinating. I find big gorillas amusing, monkeys seem to have some wisdom going on inside, I would kill for one of those monkeys the size of a human thumb.

Obviously I have quite an affinity for tamarins. :smiley:

Don’t forget the cute prosimians: Lemurs, tarsiers, and lorises!

The Slow Loris; poor thing - fixed with a permanently bewildered expression, also, given a derisory name - talk about adding insult to injury - I wrote a monologue on this once.

I agree with you 100%. I find monkeys and apes absolutely hideous for the most part. Don’t see the attraction at all.

I’m not too fond of the possums that infest my neighborhood.

Wouldn’t want a chimp for a roommate, either. Bastards never do the dishes.

I love monkeys.

But then, I bet most of you could guess that.

I like them all: gorillas, chimps, baboons, mandrils, monkeys, etc.

I would never want one as a pet, but I am so fascinated by how intellegent they are.

And how much like us they are.

I’ve got no strong feelings either way … except I think gibbons are funky. I mean, most non-human primates, you know, they’re all right in their own way …

I was mugged by a macaque at Monkey Mountain in Hong Kong once. I had a big bag of peanuts (baaaad move) and this big fucker jumped down from a tree in front of me. He pointed to the bag. I told him to fuck off. Then he grabbed the bag. We ended up in a tug-of-war, until he won by baring his fangs at me, and I retreated. He then climbed up a tree, opened the bag, and threw the peanut shells at me, making grimaces that I took to be bullyish laughing.

So in conclusion, they’re damn cute.

But they scare me.

I don’t like 'em. They all seem pretty hostile. Except maybe the orangutans that I see everyday on my way home. So yeah, orangutans are cool.

I adore all of 'em. Yes, they can be scary, but they’re just so fucking cool. Their mannerisms and expressions are so like ours. I can’t stop looking at them, listening to them, wondering about them.

In my college daze, I spent a lot of time in primate labs. Also had to do a couple of extended behavioral observations of them. As a result, I loathe apes and monkeys. Filthy, stinking, screaming, thieving, feces-throwing, masturbating, biting beasts…

In the middle I guess. They are ok in my book, but I dont love them.

It would be fun to have an assistant like Mojo.

Here’s what Gollum evolved from. LINK.

A Charmer. LINK

I like this little guy. LINK

I’l bet you violate several statutes if you love primates in this state.

How could you not like this little feller?

That’s why they fascinate me. :slight_smile:

So I’m at the Bronx Zoo with my daughter last summer, and we’re in the African Congo exhibit, watchin’ the gorillas watchin’ us, and one of the BIG ones comes sauntering up to the glass barrier that separates the apes from the humans. A dozen people gather round, ooohing and aahhhhing at being able to get such a close look at such a magnificent noble simian…when suddenly the nasty creature craps in his hands and starts fingerpainting on the glass!

Hate all the great apes except gorillas; especially hate chimps (honestly, what do people see in these obnoxious beasts?). Like most of the smaller, tricksy little monkeys and prosimians. I am dead jealous of monkeys that have prehensile tails.

Filthy, stinking, screaming, thieving, feces-throwing, masturbating, biting beasts…
Sounds an awful lot like my ex.