NON-simpsons fans, check in here.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is the funniest show ever on television. I can’t fathom why anyone wouldn’t like it. Hence, this post. Anyone out there think that it is not funny? You don’t enjoy it? WHY?

I don’t particularly care for the Simpsons. I guess I can’t get used to watching cartoons on prime time TV. I work at a nuclear power plant. I get sick of hearing, ‘do you know Homer’. Yea right, I taught him everything he knows.

I hate how just about every joke and sight gag is overemphasized. I hate the crappy, trite, unoriginal, ripped-off episode plots. I hate how the writers try to insert drab “trippy” drug-induced sequences all the time now. I hate Bart’s voice. I hate Lisa.I hate that infant.I hate Marge & her voice.I hate how they try to insert “romance” between Homer and Marge.I hate when they do musical numbers.i hate the house they live in.i hate the stupid dog and cat i hate the new retarded sunday paper cartoon i hate how the show has permeated our culture and i hate ALL who like it and continue to watch it.

What I do like is the elegantly pathetic Montomery Burns! If the show is centered on Him, it’s bound to be a classic! Every other character is pure crap. Amen, my brothers.

I suppose it was funny the first season or two just like King of the Hill was funny. No TV program ever holds my interest more than a couple of seasons. I thought it was ok for awhile as I did LA Law…Hill Street Blues…ER…Alley McBeal…Judging Amy…My So Called Life…XFiles

They all get old and trite really quickly, it’s just easier for me to get bored quickly with a cartoon.


Well, my mother refuses flat-out to watch “The Simpsons,” because, she says, “they’re just so UGLY!”

My friend’s girlfriend doesn’t find it very funny. But she’s from Hungary and doesn’t get many of the americana pop-culture references that the show depends on.

My roommate spent a semester in Mexico and says that they show it there but its quite different- Selma and Patty have high pitched voices and speak very fast. This has got to cause problems understanding jokes based on their characters.

My mother-in-law hates The Simpsons because Maggie sucks on a pacifier.


What Sake said.

I can’t stand the Simpsons.

The cartoon, or the low-speed chase.

a friend of mine lives in Croatia and hes a huge fan!!

to really get the show you have to watch for those subtle jokes i think

Yeah, my mother hated the Simpsons, too. She averred it was because of the crude humor, but I think it was the leftie politics that annoyed her.

(Looks around and reluctantly raises his hand – like John Candy when Bill Murray asked who cried when Old Yeller got shot in “Stripes.”)

I know, I know. I should love it. I’ve seen it be funny, many times. I’ve caught the subtle jokes and wicked jabs at celebrities and our society in general.

But, taken in its entirety, I … just … would rather leave it than take it. Like Ultress, the animated series, for some reason, have no appeal to me. (King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead, all of 'em.)

Except Bugs Bunny, of course, where I can just about recite every episode verbatim.

I don’t like The Simpsons. They were kinda funny when they were real short on The Tracey Ullman show.

…but after that, the show’s been really watered down and lame. :frowning: It’s just not as entertaining as it was in the beginning. I think it went down right after the “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” contest.

It’s time to shelf that show.

I loved The Simpsons when it first came out, but the show took a 180-degree turn some time around the fourth season. The network fired almost all of the old writers and moved to a new animation company. It was virtually abandoned by its creator, Matt Groening. Now The Simpsons is more like an animated version of SNL with thousands of silly gags and pop culture references crammed into ridiculous plots. Don’t even get me started.

The Simpsons used to have some depth. Maybe somebody knows what I’m talking about. You could care about the characters. The humor was more low-key and intelligent and the references were more subtle.


::::what ** Sake and aenea ** said. Looking at even the commercials gives me the creeps.

I guess I just can’t seem to get myself to like “non-cute-looking” cartoon characters…same goes to S-P.

That probably explains why I have a preference for Jap-Animes.