Non-Sleeper cell -- for those who want to ramble at night, not bright and early

That’s a prep regimen I can get behind. I mean, the details require adjustment … but the general theme is solid.

Oh, imma borrow/steal this. Thanks!

Meanwhile, here is something cute and funny to laugh about.

Video link of a sheep on trampoline.

To late for the edit window because I was distracted by something(no not sheep or other animals on trampoline)
A really bad drawback imho to YouTube’s music app is that now, when I want to browse and watch non-music videos in my browser, my feed is mostly music videos. If I can’t figure out how to fix that, the app goes bye bye

Eh, yanno what? Not worth the effort. On to the next streaming service I guess, any suggestions? Pandora is out, as is any that have only radio mode. I don’t need radio mode. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of random crap I’m not interested in I’d, y’know, listen to the actual radio.

I use Spotify. Never had any problems with it.

So sorry to hear this news I sincerely hope he is out of danger and best wishes to you all

Missed this when you posted it, Beck; I hadn’t been reading this thread.

I very much hope that he’s doing well – and that you are also.

Do you use premium or free? I am using spotify currently(even though I’m trying other services) and while I’ve never really been completely happy with it, I’ve never really looked elsewhere except for a time when I very briefly tried pandora.

Lately though, they’ve been making it difficult to find new songs and artists, in that I use the like button to build a playlist of potential songs to listen to. What happens is that after 4 or 5 songs spotify starts playing their “suggested” music (a list of songs usually about double the length of my list of songs I picked) with no way to stop it or get rid of them and get back to the music I’m trying to listen to so I can decide if I want to permanently add it to my library or not. They say it’s not supposed to happen if there are more than 15 songs on the playlist, but that isn’t true. And their algorithm sucks. Keep playing songs they say, so the algorithm can improve. If after a year of rejecting songs and having full access to the music I listen to most, you can’t tell that I don’t want to hear and have zero interest in boyztomen or bolton or backstreetboyz or whatever while I’m listening to Babymetal or Heilung or The Hu or Metallica or Metal Church or… Well, your algorithm is broken.

Hey, night owls. Let’s not forget this thread!

A dull autumn day here. It rained earlier, which will make the yardwork I’ve been putting off more difficult–wet leaves weigh a lot more than dry leaves. Oh well. It’s cool outside, so it won’t be like doing it in the hot temps we had last week.

It just reminds me that winter is coming, and I dread it every year. It’s going to be worse this year because we won’t even get to enjoy the holidays with family. This pandemic has ruined so much for so many people.

Since I really do have to go to work tomorrow, I’m desperately hoping sleep will be an option at some point, but with police still roaming around outside in response to gunfire in the parking lot (one known injured), hard to tell at this point.

I have to head to bed disgracefully early tonight. It’s unnatural. Tomorrow I’m teaching Basement School, which is what we call it when Grandma takes care of Harriet (3yo) while her parents work from home upstairs. Hattie’s preschool is out for staff development days tomorrow and Monday. I’ll have a high old time but need to be there 7:30am CDT. This tiny but mighty dynamo doesn’t nap anymore so I have to be ready.

Sleep tight all.


I hope you get a full night of peace and quiet, you deserve it. Yikes!

Years ago, I lived in a high-rise apartment in Toronto. One night, I was awakened at about 2:00 AM by loud “bangs” coming from the parking lot that my apartment overlooked. I looked out the window and saw two guys having a gunfight.

I called 911 (I’m sure a lot of other people did too), and police were summoned. The next day, it was all over the news. There were bullet holes in many car windows, and in various apartment building windows too (not mine, thankfully). Turned out to be two Russian gangsters, fighting over some kind of deal gone wrong.

It was hard to get back to sleep that night. I eventually managed. You will too.

It’s not night, but this is the thread where Beck posted about her son’s accident, and I’m concerned. Has anyone heard from her? I know she’s got way more important things on her mind than posting here, but I hate to assume that’s why she’s not around, especially since she has her own serious health issues.

Has anyone heard anything?

Should I start a dedicated thread?

Hold off on starting a thread. I’ll pm you.


Nyurg, what a week. Had a covid scare ended up having a few days extra off in isolation while awaiting results(that was actually luxuriously nice). No covid, or strep, or flu. The flu results took the longest, that result didn’t come until friday afternoon. The covid and strep results came about 30 or 40 minutes after I left the clinic(I was first one there Monday morning and they have there own inhouse lab). Worked my butt off on Thursday, 13 hour day, and now I’m paying the price. Well actually I’ve been paying since Friday a. m. when I woke up and could barely move for pain and stiffness. Achieved my goal though. Left work early enough to get Vaderling from his mom today and finishing the job I’ve been working on Monday will be a cake walk.

Protip, when you reach age 50, spending the majority of the day kneeling on concrete manipulating mildly heavy totes and boxes is counter-indicated by the wakeful pain that results. :confused:

Finally convinced a doctor that maybe I should get tested for Covid-19 after describing all the symptoms, and got a wake up call when she said that with those symptoms they would also be testing for cancer. I immediately went to the lab, got chest x-rays, contributed various bodily fluids and had my brain Q-Tipped… Will probably get the results on Monday…but I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep in the meantime.

Christ on a bike Czarcasm!
I hope you get good results, like the flu or strep (never ever thought I would use those words in that order with beneficent intent)

Czarcasm, did you get the results?

Good luck with everything Czarcasm.

My husband is getting sick. He has a sore throat and obviously feels like garbage. He’s already decided to sleep in tomorrow. I’m not sure we can survive if he has a prolonged illness. We’ve been extra careful around COVID to the point of banning family from our home. We’ve been masking up whenever we leave the house. What are the odds?