Non-Sleeper cell -- for those who want to ramble at night, not bright and early

Holy hannah. I just got off an almost four-hour Zoom call with some old friends. We’ve all scattered now, but we all did our undergrad degrees at the same university, and many of us attended the same high school.

Great time! There were plenty of “remember whens?” and the like. Also lots of “what the kids are up to” kind of stories. I was reminded of Stand By Me, the movie, and especially one of the lines in the film:

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”

We were all a little older than twelve when we all met up, but not by much. If there’s anything good this virus has done, it’s got me back in touch with some dear old friends.

I can’t sleep tonight, for the best reason. I adopted my greyhound today. He is sleeping on his bed and I can’t stop watching him. He is gentle, goofy, enthusiastic and so very long. I love him.

I’ve been through some tough times recently, I’ve come through the worst of it and it’s time to heal. I now have my beautiful dog by my side as life cycles back to peace and happiness.

The peaceful gratitude really shone through your post, @Bells and adopted greyhounds are Teh Bestest or so I’ve been told. May you have many long, happy years (and many long, happy walks) together.

Thank you @purpleseahorse you have been able to put into words exactly how I feel.

He has woken me up at 5:45 am, I took him to the back door in case he needed to toilet. He’s taken one look at the pouring rain and gone back to bed.

I’m having a coffee and cigarette then I’m going to go back to bed and watch him sleep.

Just sat straight up in bed, fully awake out of a really weird dream. I was having some sort of nonerotic(all yall pervs can change the channel now :wink: ) superhero adventures with a woman who was a cross between amanda whats-her-name’s character from Aquaman and Wonder Woman, only played by someone highly reminiscent of Michelle Pfeiffer. All with a sound track of Vietnamese outlaw rap.The thing that woke me up and that I actually said out loud (and had no relation to the dream that I’m aware of); Arroway and Banks should have died of old age having never been able to translate, let alone interpret the messages.

Dreams is weird and apparently so am I. No plans for the day, hope I can get back to sleep.

That is all.

“Meow! Meow! Meow!”

I get up and see what Hope the cat wants.

Food? There’s plenty.
Water? There’s plenty.
Litter? Clean.

Oh wait. Treats? I forgot to give them to her earlier.

Yep. Turned out to be treats. She scarfed them down, and went for a nap. No such luck for me, so I’m once again posting at night.

It’s true: Dogs have owners, but cats have staff.

Minimum wage staff.

What’s the exchange rate of purrs?

Bringing this one back, because I’m bored as hell.

It’s late, I’m bored as hell, I’ve gone through pretty much every DVD I have, and our province is once again in a lockdown, due to the f***ing virus. Somebody, cheer me up–funny YouTube videos would do well, for example.

Cheer up @spoons. At least you’re in Canada.

Beck, I am so glad that you are back!