Christ I'm bored (moany)

Today seems to be the longest day in the history of the universe… I have cooked and cleaned, slept twice, been on and off the computer about five times, watched a movie, read some stuff, talked to the bf on the phone twice… and yet the day drags on … I’m so bored I could scream … but who’d listen lol…

I would love to go out and get really giggly drunk right now … but can’t as there is no-one available (all these lovely couples friends who go away for Easter… isn’t it grand :mad: the big bastards :rolleyes:)

Bored, bored, bored and, should I forget to mention it, bloody fecking bored.

Anyone wanna join in a big whingefest???

Today, I failed to get my dad’s computer working in the time slot prefered.

I spilt a dark drink on a pale carpet.

I dropped my tobacco all over the damp carpet.

I set fire to my hair.


i’m patheticly waiting by the phone (only not really, since it’s a cell phone, so it goes everywhere with me) for a cute boy to call me, not that i think he’s going to, not that he said he would today, but one can hope, and it sure would be smashing if he did actually call.

i’m so not that kind of gal, either…

I’m afraid you have entered The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul.
Nothing to be done, I’m afraid.

Well, is there cake with that? Cake might help :p. Purely medicinal purposes you understand.

For once, I might spend this shift noiouvf vluiahifuvhlaiuhdfadcccsa

(I got bored typing this post)

Everyday for me is a bore.

Well, I wanted to sleep till noon, but no, I had to wake up at 7:30. WHy? I didn’t have to be anywhere. But just because of that, I had to wake up. I stayed in bed till 9:30, but I couldn’t for the life of me fall back asleep like I wanted. Tomorrow morning, my alarm will go off at 7:45 so I can show up to work half an hour late. I won’t wake up at 7:30 like I do so easily on the weekends, and I will fall asleep instantly after I turn my alarm off. Why is that? Why can’t I wake up on weekdays, but I do it when I don’t want to on weekends? Why???

And in other news, I was successful in removing a fair amount of skin (and losing a nice amount of blood) from my forearm this afternoon. So I’ll have to wear a long sleeve shirt tomorrow so I don’t have to answer stupid questions. Grr.

And there’s this cute girl I would have liked to call, but I don’t have her number, so I just watched TV (story of my life, btw :D). Now I’ll probably play video games and talk to my ex-gf (why do I keep doing this?) and stay up way too late to get up for work on time. And so the cycle continues, on and on and on.

Ok, I guess that’s all I have to whine about tonight. Carry on with your originally scheduled programming…

Ok, I meant to show my sig for the first time in that post, because it seemed oddly appropriate for it. So I’ll do it in this post instead :stuck_out_tongue:

How’d you do that?

Falling off my bi… I mean, diving in front of a car to save a little kitten from getting run over. Yeah, that’s it…

:Flutters eylashes:
You’re my her…

Wait a minute.

You fell off your bike? As in bicycle, or motorcycle?

BTW, sorry for the hijack, Rhino’sHoney

No, we only have pie here at the SDMB.

But pie is good.

Very, very good.

Umm, whichever is more impressive? No, I crashed my mountain bike… going uphill… :smack: And I hadn’t hurt myself in such a long time too!

Ouch! You’re ok otherwise, (except for your arm) right?

Oh, I could tell you some stories about mountain bikes!

Are you going to keep us in suspense?


Once upon a time there was a mummy mountain bike, a daddy mountain bike, and a baby mountain bike…

Seriously though, actually my stories are pretty average…

  1. I was on a biking excursion with my school. We were going down the steepest hill of the whole route, when both brake cables snapped! My face was not uunlike :eek: as I zoomed past everyone else. Luckily there were no cars on the busy adjacent road at the bottom, I zoomed to the other side and hit the wall.

  2. On the same excursion someone stopped too suddenly, someone else’s leg then impailed on the rear gear ‘thing’ (the 6 or 7 small to big spikey wheels). I got a nice vivid view of a hole full of blood and grey dirty oil in his shin.

  3. I decided to have a race with a friend. Him running through a short cut, me, on my bike, taking the long way round. Like the completely and utterly sensible person I am I zoomed out into a road without looking both ways. A car (which was going too fast anyway) hit me side on. I blacked out, saw his smashed windsreen inches from my face, blacked out, saw his bonet, blacked out, saw the road inches from my face and moving sideways, blacked out, got up, looked at my red hand, looked over at my bent bike, walked over to move it out of the way of another car.

Lobsang, you’re lucky to be alive!:eek:

I’m fine. I’ve crashed many times before anyway (may explain some things)… although I’ve never had my brakes fail on me - that would suck. It’s always due to “user error” for me :wink:

Lobsang, The only time I was “hit” by a car, it was when a Corvette ran a stop sign in front of me while I was going pretty fast downhill in the mountains near san francisco. He saw me coming, stopped in the middle of the road, well after it was too late for me to stop, so I hit the side of his hood (thank you GM for making the front of Corvette’s really low!), did a flip with my bike, andd landed doing a summersalt (sp?) 30ft down the road, without my bike (I don’t knolw exactly where I seperated from the bike - somewhere there). I didn’t even have a scratch - one tiny bruise on my thigh, and that’s it. Someone was smiling on me that day. I spent like a minute making sure everything was still where it was supposed to be and that all my joints still worked. I couldn’t beleive it… My bike was a little messed up, and the punk in the corvette took off (that pissed me off). I was afraid to ride around cars for a week afterwards, and ever since then I’ve kept my eye out for that black corvette.

(does this count as a hijack Rhino’sHoney? Or does it matter since the OP was pretty random anyway? :wink: )