Non-UK based Discworld/TP fans - Is the BBC Alzheimers docu available outside the UK?

I keep nearly posting this and then not doing so. Just to get it out of the way I’m finally posting it.

I’ve seen two episodes so far. TP varies between optimism and pessimism about his illness. In parts it’s quite moving to see someone I have a lot of respect for what his brain can do, struggle with tying a tie, or reading from one of his own books.

While watching I thought of my fellow Dopers and wondered if they have been able to watch this (or will be able to in the future) So have you?

On a lighter note. I get a very vague feeling that his assistant is a little bit Gay. I wonder how he became his assistant. I know TP is probably not Gay (Has a wife and Daughter) and often seems frustrated by his assistant’s mollycoddling. At one point he snaps “DON’T ANSWER THAT QUESTION” after the assistant starts to ask about timeframes. At which he takes on the demeanour of a punished puppy.

Also, at least for a while, I couldn’t help reading my Discworld books in TP’s voice instead of my own (usual) reading voice*. It’s a little distracting because TP hath a sthlight lithp akin to hith Igor characterth.
Finally - When asked ‘Why have you got six monitors’, his answer is similar to what mine would be (if I had six). “Because I didn’t have room for eight” (mine would be nine - a 3x3 grid)

I wonder what spec his PC is, and/or whether all those monitors are attached to just one PC, and whether they use a tripple-head-to-go type thing (tripple is to three as what is to six?)
I hope he does find a cure or solution to the disease, though I doubt it.

My Nanna has Alzheimers, and the general consensus is that person isn’t Nanna anymore. Losing memories isn’t a bad thing if you remind yourself that you ‘won’t know you’ve lost them’.

[sub]*I don’t really have a ‘reading voice’, the words just go directly into my brain[/sub]

I can’t answer your question about availability outside the UK but it’s probably worth saying that there were only two episodes. I’m not sure if they will come back in a year or so and see how he’s doing.

A very moving programme. I dunno about the assistant mollycoddling Terry. At one point he was saying that he was not a natural carer – which I thought was a good thing becaause at this stage it’s not what Terry needs.

I don’t think he was intending to have cameras following him around for any more than a year. I had the impression that he was taking time in the year following diagnosis to come to terms with what was happening to him and to come up with plans for certain eventualities and that following this he just wants to get on with his work for as long as he is able.

One question I have which I suspect won’t be answered is whether he has put in place any sort of quality control. There could come a time when he is still writing but no longer at a standard that he (as he is now) would consider acceptable. I think it would do a disservice to him and his fans if such work was published. I would hate it if the decision was in the hands of those who might see him as a cash cow to be milked egged on by fans so obsessive they would pay to see his shopping list.

Alzheimers is a horrible condition for anyone. I hate that this has happened to someone whose work I love. I really do hope they can find a drug to effectively manage the condition real soon, it would lift an appreciable lump of misery from the world.