Non-vented Compact dryers recommendations

What are people’s experiences with non-vented compact dryers? We’re looking to replace our current compact one-piece stack with modern versions and it might be helpful to us to avoid using the vent, which makes using our porch difficult. There are apparently two non-vented types; condenser and heat pump. Do people favor one type over the other? Are there brands that you can recommend?

We air dry most of our clothes but when we use the dryers we want them to dry fairly quickly. My main concern is that non-vented dryers won’t dry as quickly as our vented dryer.

We’ll be getting a new washer too, but we’ll probably just pair it with whatever dryer we choose.

I used a condensing dryer at my sister’s apartment when she was in Munich on an expat assignment. Seemed to work fine, but I assume there is an efficiency hit somewhere along the way. Didn’t pay much attention to drying time.

She seemed to like it, at least compared to the combo washer/dryer that came with the apartment (which she used as a washer only once she got the condensing unit).

When I lived in the UK I had a Washer/Dryer combo (i.e. all one unit) that was a condenser when used as a dryer. It worked pretty well but took a lot longer to dry than non-condensing dryers I was familiar with in the US.

I have a full-sized ventless condensing dryer (and matching HE washer). These are the Bosch 500 series. So not exactly what the OP is asking about but close.

IME the drier is ~20% slower than a corresponding vented drier. With a typical full-sized conventional W/D set, they both cycle at about the same rate so if you have multiple loads to do the dryer can keep up with the washer. In general that’s not true with my pair; the dryer lags. For delicate / permanent press type loads the lag is small, ~10% longer to dry than to wash. For towels it’s more like 150% as long to dry as to wash.

For darn sure the washer has a very powerful spin cycle to get the wash as de-watered as possible first. If for some reason that runs short, e.g. the spin gets unbalanced, doesn’t self-correct, and you don’t notice the wash is still extra wet when you load the dryer, it can take 1.5x the normal rather leisurely pace to get stuff fully dry.

Other than that they’ve both been trouble free and the condensing feature is invisible. I’m happy I made the switch from vented although that was for compatibility with the facilities, not for anything to do with the drying process per se.

FYI … Despite the condensing feature there’s still a need to keep up with dryer lint. Besides the usual removable screen to clear after each load just like a vented dryer, there are additional downstream passages and a heat exchanger that need to be cleared out every 6-8 weeks. if not, the drying power goes down and down. It isn’t hard to do; 10 minutes tops start to finish. But don’t forget to do it.

Hope that’s of some use to you.

Thank you, very helpful and directly answered some of my questions.

I was looking at the compact Bosch 500 series, it seems to be the best mix of value, features, and quality for us. I didn’t know they make a full sized 500 series. I don’t see the value of the 800 series.

I agree I did not see any value to the 800 series over the 500. Unless you’re one of the folks who says “I always buy the top-of-line product; the extra 30% cost is worth the cachet of the extra 2% features.”

I may have misled you about size. I think of mine as full-sized, but checking my paperwork I see Bosch describes them as compact.

We bought them in late 2017, so the model details may have changed a bit since then. But FTR/FWIW I have the WAT28401UC 24" compact washer and the matching WTG86401UC 24" compact condensing drier. Mine are side by side undercounter, but I see they’re also sold as a stack unit. Both are white although I’d have prefered SS which wasn’t available.

For our two person household they’re plenty big enough. A week’s clothes are 1 overstuffed or 2 regular loads. Plus one load each of sheets & towels.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know ask away.

I think full-sized are 26" wide or greater. Our current single unit laundry center is 24" wide. We’d put them a bathroom closet where the old unit currently sits, so it’s all plumbed and wired. I just need to be sure it’s deep enough for this unit, but that lack of vent will help with that.

The dryer has a drain hose a bit smaller than the washer feed hoses; about 3/8". You may have to do a small amount of customizing with your existing washer drain arrangements to accommodate the dryer drain line too.

Their stated depth is 25". As installed it’s 28-1/2" from the back wall to the front face of my washer. IIRC there was a protruding bump on the back of the washer. Although I can’t be 100% sure it’s shoved all the way back into the opening versus I’ve pulled it out a bit to align the front face with my counter top. It was a bitch getting everything tucked in there the first time. I’m not looking forward to the next time they need to be moved.

They’re definitely 23-1/2" wide with no bumps or surprises on the sides.