Non-western scifi/fantasy movies/TV shows?

As in not from the USA or Canada or Britain or Europe(although I’d be interested in eastern european stuff). And I’m familiar with most anime stuff so you can exclude Japan too.

I don’t care how low budget it is, how culturally specific and provincial, I’d love to know of any films or TV shows that are primarily scifi or fantasy from areas like Africa, Asia, Central and South America, India, Middle East etc. And I have seen District 9 :slight_smile:

Live action or animated doesn’t matter.

The Prince of Ayodhya and sequels, by Ashok K. Banter, a native and resident of India. Its a retelling of the Ramayana, a famous Indian epic saga.

Cosmos Latinos, an anthology of spanish-language SF, includes Latin American authors.

The Tamil-language Enthiran made a bit of a splash in 2010. Then there’s the North Korean Pulgasari (1985).

I’ve heard good things about Charlie Jade, but I’ve not actually seen it myself…

They did a fair bit of science fiction films in the Soviet Union, Stalker and Solaris being the most famous examples. A lot were made for propaganda purposes. The East German First Spaceship on Venus comes to mind. In the future the Soviets have solved all the worlds problems and are just so gosh darned awesome.

There’s a dubbed version on Youtube, but I believe it’s heavily edited to remove all the “Soviets are the best” parts. - YouTube

EDIT: Just watched it a little. In the original the first man on the moon was a Russian. In the version on Youtube it’s been changed to an American.

Solaris is based on a novel of the same name by Polish SF writer Stanislaw Lem.

His book of interrelated short stories about 2 rival inventors, “The Cyberiad,” is a hoot.