Sci-Fi television around the world

After listening to a National Public Radio report on Brazilian soap operas, I got to wondering about the state of science fiction TV in Latin America and other regions.

I’m very familiar with Red Dwarf and Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, (British) and I know that some US shows (Robocop, Sliders) were produced in Canada, but what about Australia? Japan? France? Italy? India? Are the special effects good, or do the shows have minimal effects and are story driven?

Farscape is produced in Australia and is very CGI intensive as well as having an incredible number of aliens using complex makeup or who are animatronics. In fact, two of the main characters are animatronics.

I’d be more interested in hearing about tv shows shown in other countries. What science fiction or fantasy shows are broadcast for the local market in Japan, or India, or Italy? Shows made primarily for broadcast in America are American shows, whereever they are actually produced.

Thst’s what I was getting at. I’m interested in domestic Sci-Fi shown in the countries where it was made, not the stuff made for US audiences.