Nondestructive Car Pranks

First off, I know there have been threads on the subject before, but I can’t make the search engine be my friend.

Some backstory: Last Thursday, somebody put peas from lunch on my friend’s car. The next day, I realized that I had seen two other kids walk in from the parking lot at the appropriate time, and that they had done it. So we went out and smeared creamsicle on one of their cars. Today, my friend and I walk out to the parking lot to find that both of our cars have been written on with cheese whiz, and there’s a half-gallon of ice cream melting on my roof.

So, my question to you Dopers is, how can we escalate this tomorrow?

Some limitations:

  1. We’re cheap. We’re not willing to spend that much money on this.

  2. We want to keep it non-destructive enough, and they still need to be able to get their cars home that night.

  3. They lock their doors, so we can’t get inside.

  4. We only have about five minutes to accomplish whatever we need to do.

Mods, if this is in the wrong forum, I apologize.

I don’t know the cost of this one, but a aqutaince of mine and his next door neighboor had a back and forth thing going for a while. She won. When he got home from work at 2am one night she went a put a cow head in his car. It was hot out all next day and he didn’t find it until he went to work that next day.
(cow’s heads can be found in some Mexican grocery stores in the meat department.

A friend of mine manages one of those paintless dent removal companies. Every time they hire a new tech, he puts one of those thin rainbow stickers that spans the length of the trunk on their personal car. Lots of guys don’t notice for several days.

See, I think that goes way beyond harmless. There’s no way to get that rotting meat/decay smell out of the car, is there?

All that shit on your cars doesn’t fuck up the paint job?
You might not be able to do this since you probably have to drive home, but it’s still funny. In my fraternity days, one of the neighboring fraternities used to park their cars in our spaces. They had their own lot but it was down a steep driveway and I think their cars used to get stuck or something.

Anyhow, sometimes we would take the two crappiest cars in our inventory and “trap” their car by parking 2" from each side so they can’t open the doors. Kind of the car prank equivalent of the “I’m not touching you” game.

I think it was on something so nothing got on the seats. If smell is an issue, the OP could certainly put in a few plastic bags to keep the smell down. I’m quite sure the shock value will still be there even if the smell is gone.

This is a silly one. Use a bar of soap or one of those rub-off paint markers (you know, the kind for writing on glass that rubs right off) and write “For Sale” on the windows. With a ridiculously low price.

If you want to get really nasty, if you know the guy’s phone number, put it on the window too.

If you’re gonna use the guy’s phone number, you can put the for sale sign on ANY car(s).

Well done, sir!

KY Jelly under the door handles…don’t see it until it’s too late and by then it’s all over your hands.

If you live in a rural setting, cow manure works too.

If they have hubcaps, a couple of pebbles in them will drive them nuts.

if you check on line, you can find several ‘cling’ type bumperstickers for next to nothing that can go un noticed for a while.

several rounds of clear plastic wrapped tightly around the whole car, (watch going under the car if the engine is hot), can be pretty funny if they don’t have a knife or don’t notice it when they try to get in.

There’s one that was mentioned in another thread here, but it was destructive. Someone took some clear, but reflective tape and spelled out “FUCK THE COPS” on the back of somebody’s car, resulting in them being pulled over. I wonder if there’s a way to do that without damaging the paint. You could write different things if you wanted to, not necessarily having to do with the police. Anyone driving behind them at night would see it.

Oh, this one is right up my alley. In high school, I had a dispute with one of my teammates which resulted in us writing on each others’ cars with bananas. That shit is impossible to get out of the cracks between the windows and, if you do it right, might even stink up their car once it rots.

Silly String is also excellent, and probably harder to get off the car than Cheez Whiz.

Just use your imagination and whatever sticky or low-shelf-life food products you can find: chocolate syrup, ground beef, eggs…

On my last day of secondary school we wrapped cling film round the teachers cars so they couldnt get in, we also wrote naughty word on their windscreens in lipstick and for good measure we put some squirty cream on top! Oh and we parked our cars blocking the exit - we moved after one teacher got pissy and called the police! :rolleyes:

Oh, I bet mayonnaise on the windows would work well.

Limberger cheese. Heater vents.

Much more of a fun prank to pull, safe and nondestructive: put those air bladders Amazon uses to pack books for shipping under the tires. Move -> bang!-> Profit!

My sister and I do it to each other whenever I’m in town.

Toothpaste under the door handles works as well as KY.

Use a small jack to take his drive wheels just barely off the pavement, then block it securely and take your jack with you.

Tie a string of tin cans to the rear bumper, then hide them under the car.

I’ve heard that a jumper wire from the brake lights to the horn creates much amusement. I haven’t done it, dunno if it works, but I’m smiling thinking about…

Cheap plastic spinner whistles in the front grill?

I’ve never tried it, so I’d be curious to see how many it took to be heard over the engine noise.

Call the police and report the car stolen.

Crisco on the windows. It’s a bitch to get off.