Nondestructive Car Pranks

This is an incredibly bad idea. Do not do this. Stolen cars get a felony stop from the cops, meaning drawn guns.
Do not do this.

“Terrorist on Board”

Run a line of brown frosting along the seam between the windshield wiper blade and the windshield. It’ll be totally invisible and unseen, until the next time it rains, when the softened frosting will smear across the glass with the first pass of the wipers, totally blinding the driver, causing him to crash and die. Fun for the whole family!

Oh, wait, maybe not exactly what you were looking for…

Not to mention all parties involved could very well end up in serious trouble with the law for a false police report.

<stick in the mud>Or you could, y’know, just grow the fuck up and not get involved in petty pranks.</stick in the mud>

You could cover the car in Oreos. (Separate halves, stick on with frosting.) If you want to be thoroughly nondestructive, limit yourselves to the window glass. If you want to be especially fast, separate your Oreos beforehand.

I also like the idea of a super-lunatic clingy bumper sticker.


I’ve tried all day to stay out of this thread. I hate to be a killjoy, but I don’t think you should do any of these things. Messing with my stuff would get you thoroughly perforated.

That said, it seems that you and the other team have a history of this type of behavior, so they are unlikely to be as pissed off as I would be. I like the Oreos idea, but then again that is a waste of perfectly good cookies. Don’t do anything that would compromise the safety of the occupants. Or get you arrested. Otherwise most of the suggestions in this thread are mostly harmless. Pick one and tell us how it goes.

I like the cans idea but you need to spread them around and tie them on with good twine. You don’t want them all in one place. Use your grubby clothes, crawl under the car and tie the cans on to every possible place you can tie them. At the very least, they will have to crawl under the car themselves and undo them all the next day which is a big problem on its own.

I’ve always thought it would be funnier to jump one of the blinkers to the horn.
HONK HONK HONK every time they turn.

buy a toy horse, cut the head off and stick it on the antenna.

I actually thought about this too. Might need a relay, not sure if a turn signal will handle the load of a horn.

I don’t know if you get winter where you are, but I used to like taking a supersoaker and spraying water into the door joints.

I LOVE this one.

You could add a note. Something about an offer you can’t refuse.

Nobody has mentioned Post-It notes. They’re pretty cheap. There are LOTS of them in a package. And it’s not so wasteful as Oreos.

Or you could cover the car in tinfoil…

phony bullet holes on windows, a few pieces of glass on the ground with chalk around it, some police tape and a note on the window stating it’s a crime scene and the car is not to be moved.

The OP sounds like a high school student. You were a real pain in the ass in high school, weren’t you?

Funny you should mention post it notes because that led to my post above. It started out as an idea to post an apology for damaging the car which would drive them crazy looking for it. Somehow it evolved into a crime scene.

Oh come on. We had a lot of fun at work playing jokes on each other. The best was done to me by placing a bug inside my desk that randomely beeped about every 5 minutes. By the end of the day I had almost dismantled my cubicle.

My boss use to throw spare change in his desk. It took him awhile to realize his desk was paying better dividends then most stocks. Pennies everywhere.

Exhaust whistle–need I say more? Better yet, get a weather balloon and put it on the exhaust pipe (I’m not sure if you could get the neck around the pipe though.)

Hah! My cousin put marbles in his father’s gas tank. Those are a real pain to get out.

I wonder if you could pry the whistle off of one of those whistling Nerf footballs and glue it to the undercarriage? That would be really hard to find.

Maybe leave a bunch of banana peels lying next to the tail pipe, with one skinned banana dangling out of the pipe itself?

The trick being, of course, that that’s the only banana actually “stuffed” in the exhaust—with only the IMPLICATION that the catalytic converter has been crammed full of daiquiri mix.