Nondestructive Car Pranks

A friend of mine got back at a guy by smearing Kotexes with ketchup & leaving the on the dude’s windshield.

What, out of Grenadine?

Actually, that’s the plan, for now…

On Friday, however, after they stop being so paranoid and have gone back to parking in a convenient location, the plan goes as follows:

  1. I work at a movie theater, so I can acquire several dozen of these.

  2. We cover the cars with posters.

  3. We cover the cars with corn syrup.

Thanks for all the ideas. I’m definitely bookmarking this thread for future reference.

Southern Minnesota. We get all sorts of winter. This’ll be fun.

Yeah, we were at work :smiley:

Er, yeah. In addition, the person who files the report is liable for filing a false police report.

Lessee… harmless stuff…

Wrap the car in lots and lots of crepe paper streamers. Harmless and annoying. No guns or lawyers involved at all.

I’ve never tried it, but removing someones gas cap, and leaving sugar around the filler neck and a pile on the ground would be good for some laughs.

Unless it rains, and the dye from the cursed crepe paper runs all over the car. It can be tough to wash off if it has a chance to dry.

Ziptie the driveshaft. Harmless but makes SUPER loud noises.

Long as the zombie is staggering about…

We got in under the hood, and substituted a long lead of wire for the distributor wire. The new wire led back under the car, and into the back seat. (He left his car unlocked. Hey, a freebie.) The wire ended in a knife switch.

Whoever was in the back seat of the car could kill the engine, any time.

We milked that one…

One of the most famous April Fool’s pranks involving an automobile was Sun Micro employees placing co-founder Bill Joy’s sportscar in a pond

Ditto wrapping the car in Saran Wrap.

For a truck (or any rear wheel drive car) in a parking lot, an extra long Ty-Rap around the driveshaft is good for a laugh. Make sure it’s strong enough to click loudly against the floor pan for a while before breaking.