None of my friends remembered what today was...

It’s my birthday… can um… can I have a “Happy Birthday” from someone? Please?


Here’s to many many more

Feeling wiser yet?

Happy Birthday and manny more

A very happy birthday to you! (I’d sing, but it’s better for everyone if I don’t. :wink: )

::jumps out of the cake::


I’d hug you now, but I don’t wanna get frosting on your clothes.

Happy Birthday, we wish you the best!! ::Zoggie’s stuffed animals advance on sk8, claws oustretched and glassy little eyes wide open::

Happy Birthday!

looks at racinchikki and eyes boggle
Well you’re not getting icing on YOUR clothes are you?

Did I mention I have a sweet tooth?


Happy Birthday!
gives out hugs and cuddles
Even if your friends forgot, we still love you.


Happy Birthday, sk8rixtx! Many happy returns!

Look, I baked you a cake! It’s a little lopsided on this side and I had to fill it in the hole with this extra icing and some leftover hamburger, and I ran out of candles, so I doused it with lighter fluid and set it on fire, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Awww…Happy Birthday!

Thank you guys. I feel a little better now. “Um, racinchikki? Why do you have third degree burns all over our body? You didn’t get in the cake before they baked it again, did you?”

I guess it’s time for me to hand out some congratulatory oral sex to ya. So, how old are ya now? I shall use the number to calculate how much of a congratulation you need.

I’m infinity plus 1. That should keep ya busy for a while now, huh?

Well, that tabulates to you having to move in and making yourself comfortable for a while. Approx. 8 BJs per day for an unnumbered time. My mouth is gonna be sooooo tired. I do hope you’ll let me rest or give me reason to have to rest in return then.

Did someone just crank the thermostat?

No, sweetie, that’s just you. I could always test how warm I could make you in a walk-in refrigerator. :wink:

Happy b-day sk8! Enjoy ssskuggiii’s present, and save some for me will ya?

Happy birthday!:slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to you,

And many more to you, too!