None of the stores in Narita International sell deoderant

…and I think I’m going to end up being one of “those” passengers that people complain about. Joy.

I forgot to put on deodorant this morning, since I was spending most of the morning lounging around the apartment. I packed deodorant in my suitcase, but forgot to grab it before I checked my bags. I didn’t stress, cause I figured I could just buy some in one of the many stores.

Yeah, no luck. Plenty of cigarettes, perfume, jewelry, liquor, and electronics, but no deodorant. :eek:

Just deal?

Heck, I’ve shaved aboard transpacific flights, but I know darn well that I’m going to arrive looking (and smelling) like hell. In my case, it’s always Australia, and thankfully, the Australian immigration authorities always understand.

In short, just deal.

Perhaps it’s my imagination but I swear I sweat tons more than the average Japanese person. Right now it’s in the 90s where I live (in Japan) and if there’s no breeze in my office I’m just drenched, whereas the other non-gaijin peeps seem to have a mild sheen if anything. Maybe it’s the bit of extra weight I got on me, but I’m far from obese, so it always baffles me. Anyway, my point is, deodorant does not seem to be as big a deal in Japan, soooo good luck.

As for your immediate situation, well, it can be tres embarrassing, but if you feel up for it or find a bathroom that isn’t very busy, there’s always the option of taking off your shirt and giving your pits a quick soap and rinse. I’ve done this a few times in my life I’m ashamed to admit, although I will say never at a busy airport… But heck, they do call it a BATHroom, amirite?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Japanese people sweat less on average. But also Autolycus, are you used to weather that hot and similar humidity? It may just be that they adapted.

Let’s see: perfume/cologne is an easy quick fix. Or go smoke so much you reek of that. Or scotch up those armpits! And have some for yourself. But also, this being Japan, maybe one of those electronic devices does some sort of deodorizing for you.

I thought it said “Narnia”.

Nah, in the Narnia Airport they sell plenty of deodorant.

I’m sure the Narnia airport has EVERYTHING!

I’d rather sit next to a sweaty person than a sweaty person wearing a ton of perfume.

Does anywhere sell baby wipes? Grab a few packages of them. Whenever you go to the bathroom, give yourself a quick wipe-down. Less messy/acrobatics required than disrobing and soaping up dem pittys.

Ah, the hobo shower!

Yeah you would fit right in.

Sometimes the lounges have deodorant, i know Qantas Club does. Maybe worth asking the question even if you don’t have membership they might lend you some?

Hey what’s the worst thing they will say besides “away with you smelly person”.

  • 1,000, and an extra thousand Internet points, plus a gold star sticker and a pony or puppy of your choice, to whoever convinces humanity of this.

OP, you still on that plane? If nothing else, wet paper towels scrubbed over your pits will help quite a bit, if you’ve got no supplies besides what’s in the airplane bathroom.

looks at time
Ah, hell, you’ve probably landed by now. Hope you had an uneventful flight!

I guess anything is worth a shot, but I’d say this has a vanishingly small chance of success. Airlines really guard their lounges well. Over at FlyerTalk I’ve read quite a few stories of people wrongly being denied entry to a lounge, but I don’t recall ever having read a report of someone being granted entry when not entitled. Although I bet no-one has ever tried, “but I just want to use the deodorant.” :slight_smile:

Depending on the airline, what might be worth a try is asking a Flight Attendant on board if the Business or First Class toilets have deodorant, and if a one-time use would be allowed. Alternatively maybe the in-flight duty free could have one, although I only recall seeing perfumes for sale.

Well I am sure a Lord of the Realm can sneak into a lounge, unless of course you are not a real lord :dubious:

I’ve got a lifetime Qantas Club membership. No need for sneaking :smiley:

On average, Japanese have fewer apocrine glands than most Westerners. But, Japanese guys do sweat, and some of them stink like satan’s asshole, especially the chain-smoking, heavy drinking, black toothed middle aged buggers who pulled an all-nighter at the office. Deodorant as you know it isn’t really sold here. If you look for deodorant for men on a Japanese shopping site, almost everything is an import from the US. I buy mine on trips to the US, or occasionally at Costco if I’ve run out. Which is not helpful if you’re stuck at Narita with nothing.

Just in the last few years they’ve started making deodorant wipes. Try looking for packages like these:

I’ve heard it called “The Pits 'n Bits Bath.”

I actually had some anti-bacterial body wipes that my wife bought me (there’s a big market for that sort of thing in the military, actually), so I used those and changed into a “Japan” touristy t-shirt that I found in a gift shop for $20.

And I ended up sitting between two other Americans on the 8 hour flight.