Noni Juice?

Cecil, What can you (or the teeming millions) tell me about Tahitian Noni Juice? Is it snake oil or a Communist plot? Has anyone had good results from it?


Pretty much snake oil. It’s got about as much of “what’s good for you” as any fruit juice you’d pick up at the grocery store–so yeah, it’s better than drinking chocolate milk, but if you try to live on it, you’ll be very sick soon.

I can tell you it is gross!! My husband has stomach problems and was persuaded by his sister to start drinking noni juice. While it did nothing for his tummy, it was pretty funny to watch his face as he tried to choke it down every morning! As you can tell, I’m a real supportive and sypathetic wife…

St. Stella

Hearing the “praise” of noni juice on tv awhile back, I checked into and if my memory serves me correctly, the reason it is so wonderful is that it is a pyramid scam.

What’s noni juice?

Generally speaking, a pyramid-type scam, as they’re marketing processed juice…

The actual plant, Mirinda citrifolia does have pharmaceutical properties, and is used in the Pacific generally as a vermifuge (getting rid of certain types of parasitic worms).

It has blossomed out here in the Pacific along with the [generally] laudable return to cultural values, but pounding it in a juice and mixing it with sugar doesn’t do much for its efficacy. It does however provide interesting higher-value crop opportunities for local farmers.

“Noni noni boo boo?”

My god, chief. How long have you been on the bounding main? :slight_smile:

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