Nooooooo! "Six Feet Under" has been cancelled?!

Wah. :mad:

First Buffy, then Angel, Firefly and Farscape and Wonderfalls and and and…

I’m gonna go in the corner and whimper for a while until something watchable comes on the air.

Link doesn’t work.
Nonetheless, it’ll make it one of the minority of shows that don’t wait until they’ve gone downhill before finishing.

CNN story
So it would seem.

Weird. Works for me. It’s to MSN entertainment, so no membership or anything. Anyone else have a problem with it?


They get one more season to wrap it up. Works for me.

Here’s a link.

You know, Six Feet Under is one of my favourite shows, but I’m okay with this.

I have high expectations for the fifth season, and I trust Alan Ball to wrap things up in a way that’s satisfying.

LOL - it turns out it works in IE but not in Mozilla. Quelle surprise.

The story I read said that it wasn’t cancelled - the creator wanted to move on. Let’s not blame HBO when it appears to be as yet unwarranted.

I’m okay with it ending after another season. I don’t expect everything to be resolved, one way or another, but it wouldn’t feel right if it was.

It’s been a fun few years with the Fishers, and the Chenoweths.

I think a clear distinction needs to be made between cancelling a show, and letting it end when it has run its course. I understand The Soparanos is also ceasing production. Not because there’s no audience for it, but because the creators have decided they’ve said all they wanted to say with the show, and HBO’s business model doesn’t require them to keep once-great shows on indefinite life support so long as they can draw a decent market share.

Which is a good thing, as far as I’m concerned.

Completely uninteresting aside: a mate of mine who used to work for Channel 4 was the man responsible for acquiring the rights to show Six Feet Under in the UK. Thanks, Dave!

Thanks Dave!!!

In the LA Times story about the show (can’t link to it because it’s in a paid subscribers only section), the writer said that the show is based on a Pasadena funeral home.

Fisher & Diaz is most assuredly NOT in Pasadena. It’s in L.A. (the obits say so on the website) and although they don’t say exactly where, it seems to be in the Hollywood area.

Did it really say “based on,” Bob? Because if you mean based on (as opposed to “set in”), them the fact that Fisher & Diaz is set in L.A. doesn’t preclude the real-life funeral home that inspired the show being in Pasadena.


The fictional funeral home may be in L.A., but the location where the show is filmed looks like Pasadena.

(Side note: I remember an English actor who was doing a fundraiser for KCET. He pronounced it “puh-SAD-in-uh”. He also said, “Sep-ul-VEED-uh”. :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you’re looking for a silver lining on the cloud, Deadwood will return in January for its sophomore season.

Historical records of the time after Seth became sheriff of Deadwood point to some pretty interesting happenings coming down the pike.

Or, if you prefer cop drama, The Shield also returns in January. :smiley:

Sad to see it go, but certainly it’s better to end the show as it runs its natural creative course rather than beat it to death and wring extra seasons out of it that will just suck. Better to end on a high note then let the quality degrade.

Sad, but this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

I can imagine at least one, if not more, of the deaths at the beginning of the episodes will be characters on the show.

And I am sure that last episode will be a doozy.

I’m glad it’s leaving because it opens a primo time slot up that HBO can fill with something that can’t possibly be as boring.

Hopefully, the next one to go: Carnivale.

sorry to thread piss, but it was about the show’s cancelling, not an appreciation thread. . .

See, this is okay with me. I love the show and we do get a season to wrap things up.

I’ve long held the theory that sitcoms should be limited to one year and dramas get no more than three. After that, show tend to get stale. This would challenge the writers, actors, producers to efficiency, tight storylines, economy of emotion. Who else thinks television would be improved if everyone knew they only had one year to accomplish what they wanted to?