What is Showtime's vision anyway? Out with Dead Like Me...

and that’s on the heals of Jeremiah, and Six Feet Under. Plus, there boxing is second rate compared to HBO. My wife says we are dropping them subsequent to dropping Dead Like Me. What market are they trying to reach, why are they getting rid of their best shows?

Six Feet Under’s on HBO.

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I hate to say it but Jeremiah just wasn’t all that interesting. They also had some other sci-fi show about Robocop as an astronaut who travels back in time 5 years to stop the end of the world but that wasn’t all that interesting either.

I enjoyed Dead Like Me for the first season but I thought it was a bit slow. I started watching the 2nd season and I missed an episode. I hate missing an episode so I stopped watching and am waiting for them to repeat the 2nd season. I’ve come to discover that I don’t really miss Dead Like Me all that much. The basic premise behind the show is great, the writers do a decent job with dialogue, but the show just moves to slowly for my taste. I have that some problem with shows on HBO like Carnivale and Oz. I want shit to happen every week like it does in Deadwood. I haven’t seen this seasons Carnivale but when I do they better have some serious plot happenings or else I’ll quit watching.


I started the thread awhile back about the end of Dead Like Me. As much as I liked the show, I have to admit not a whole lot happened with the core plot…you seemed to get only tidbits here and there and they never explained a lot of the premise.

Still, I think part of the cancellation had to do with MGM (producers of the show) being bought out by Sony. Then again, the ratings were not all that great, so maybe it was a combination of both. Sorry to see it end, but I will still sleep well tonight.