Dead Like Me- is it dead?

I know they have only made two seasons, but on the Fansite, the Showtime site, and the Offcial site, there was no mention of it being canceled. Can it come back from the dead? Or has it been staked? :smiley:

Great show, BTW, 1st season better, IMHO.

It’s dead.

Like me, come to think of it.

Since Mandy Patinkin has a new hit series, “Criminal Minds,” I doubt that he could be lured back for more DLM. I sure hope we’ll see more of Ellen Muth. I loved her.

Yeah, I think it’s completely gone.

Thanks for that great link- but it still hold out hope:" MGM-TV hopes to resurrect the comedy Dead Like Me, Daily Variety reports.

Showtime cancelled the show two months ago, citing low ratings. Daily Variety says that MGM has been shopping Dead Like Me to other cable networks, …

But Variety says that time is running out since options for Dead Like Me stars Mandy Patinkin and Ellen DeMuth are about to expire." So, Patinkin is still on option.

Damn, that’d be great if SciFi could pick it up- so different than their other junk.

The article is fairly old. Dead Like me was canceled a while ago. I really enjoyed the show and I am disappointed Showtime ended it.
The repeats will be shown on Sci-Fi starting July 18th, so maybe there is a little hope.

The SDMB search engine refused to cough up the prior threads on the series.
I might try again later tonight. They are out there. :wink:



It’ll lose so much without the gratuitous profanity, though.

Yea, the search engine worked: :wink:
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