Will Dead Like Me be back?

I originally posted this as hijack in another thread . Since that thread seems to be dying and this was a hijack I decided to open this.

I was concerned that on the promos for Dead Like Me, Showtime is saying “two more episodes left” but not saying “this season”. As I wrote in the other thread:

Does anyone have anymore information? link

No more inofrmation, but there’s a couple of interesting points in the thread. First, the guy has supported DLM heavily - to the point of giving them the money to shoot eps in eight days instead of seven. Second, DLM is doing well. It may be on the bubble but combined with my last point that’s promising. Third, DLM is being heavily promoted. You don’t heavily promote shows that you want to ditch.

Overall, the tone seems to be that DLM will get a third season unless the regulars don’t want to do it.

As I have mentioned before, MGM (producers of DLM) is on the brink of being sold to Sony.

However, hit shows usually are carried on with or without the same producers - and my guess is that Sony or another production company (or mabye even Showtime) would gladly pick up the costs.

It all comes down to ratings, and it is not like Showtime has an abundance of original programs. So, if I were a betting man - wait, I live in Las Vegas so of course I am a betting man…my bet is yes. It will be back.

And one thing about this show - at least you don’t have to worry about them killing off the main characters!

Have you forgotten Betty?

I’ll keep an eye out and post if there is an update.

They just started showing S.1 here in Sweden a few weeks ago. I don’t know what other countries have it, but if they manage to export it to other markets, that’s a point in favor.
As I understand it, a lot of the profit from television production is not in the original run, but if they can syndicate it (in the US) and sell it abroad.

Well at the end of last nights episode they said next week would be the season finale not the series finale. They are also replaying the last 5 episodes this week at ten. I am assuming this means it will be back.