Anyone know when 'Dead like me' will re-surface?

Damn idiots at Showtime won’t let me access their hompage:

I’ve heard it was supposed to come back late June, but no signs so far.

I think the second season premieres on July 25th ( I initially thought it was June 25th and was vastly annoyed when it turned out to be another re-run ).

  • Tamerlane

Yep, July 25th at 10 pm (depending upon where you are in the world)

My friend rented the pilot of it awhile ago, what else is there? One season? and the next season is coming out soon?

Season 1 ( 14 episodes, including the extra-length pilot ) is now available on DVD.

  • Tamerlane

Well, they’ve been digging the graves kind of shallow, so I figure: the next heavy rainstorm. :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I also cannot get to the web site. What the heck is this series about?

It’s sort of a snarky black comedy/drama version of “Touched by an Angel”, with more cable sensitivities ( they can swear, etc. ).

An aimless, somewhat lost 18-year old freshman college dropout ( Ellen Muth - cute ) is hit by a toilet seat from a decaying Soviet space station and instantly killed, only to find out she has been chosen, supposedly semi-randomly, to become a “grim reaper”. That is one of the undead that pop out the souls of those about to be killed to lesson the trauma to the victim and then briefly shepard them into the afterlife - usually quickly, though occasionally it is a bit more extended ). She works in a small division that deals with violent death and accidents. Her team leader is played Mandy Patinkin who hand them little post-its with the names of the soon to be deceased ( who generally die in elaborate ways ).

The show focuses a little less on the deceased ( though it varies from episode to episode ) and more on the angst of the main character and her abandoned family, as they struggle with her death. The humor comes in with the bizarre deaths, from the somewhat surreal circumstances of the main character being a nine-to-five working undead that has to either steal from the recently deceased and squat in their dwellings or work an outside job to survive ( in the main character’s case, a rather mundanely weird temp agency, where she is an unskilled clerk ), and the relationships with her fellow undead. The parallel story line of her grieving family is more played for drama, though the odd 11-year old little sister ( hardest hit by her death ), is a hoot at times.

Not a perfect show ( sub-Sopranos and Deadwood quality, to be sure ) and not for everyone, but I enjoy it. It is by the same production team as the late, lamented “Wonderfalls” and it shows - very similar tone.

  • Tamerlane

Tamerlane did a good job, but I’d like to add that there’s a subtext about cubicle hell and, yes, the meaning of life. When I first saw it, I thought it was a cheap knock-off of ‘Six Feet Under’, but it’s something else. I think it can be seen as a sort of allegory about the futility of life.
And the reapers meeting in ‘Der Waffel Haus’ every day, complete with yodeling soundtrack, is a riot.

I enjoy it very much.