"Normal" climate extremes

Saturday night it snowed. Sunday afternoon, I shovelled snow from the driveway with the sun shining and a temperature of +4° C (+39° F). This morning, Monday, I got up at 7:00 AM and checked the weather - sunny, temperature -27° C (-16° F), wind chill factor -41. Missed the first bus and waited 15 minutes for the next one. At lunch, I walked out of my office building in my shirtsleeves and went to the bank across the street, with the temperature now up to -25° C.

As I was coming back from the bank, it struck me that I didn’t think that either a 31° overnight temperature drop or being outside in this cold without a jacket were unusual. I guess it is possible to become accustomed to Ottawa weather.

Take that, you Aussies! :smiley: