Temperature drop

Tuesday temp at 12:01 AM : 43F Tuesday temp at 11:43PM: -10F
Ties a La Crosse record
It was VERY windy last evening

It is expected to get to balmy 5F today - time to get out the shorts


W00t! :smiley: Sing hey for the cold, the bonny, bonny cold…

We have tree branches all over our street this morning, the wind roared all night like sound effects from Wuthering Heights. I found myself walking restlessly around the house peering out the windows and muttering things like, “Arr, she be some windy thar” and expecting to hear the sound of roof slates being carried away, at which point I could glance knowledgeably up at the roof–“Arrr!”–and then retire to the inglenook with my pipe.

Which is silly because we have a modern asphalt shingle roof.
And no inglenook.
And I do not smoke a pipe.
“Cathy! Cathy!”
I hate that book.

The drop was even bigger in the Twin Cities. We fell at least 56 degrees from Monday to Tuesday, excluding the wind chill which was around -40.

That’s the same as falling from 80 to 24 in one day!

Oh yeah? Well we had actual TREES all over our street this morning. So there!

Woke around 5:30 a.m. to the sound of the power company’s chainsaws. There was quite a lot of mayhem out on the moor. I mean cul de sac.

Texans will know what I mean by a “norther.” I’ve seen temperature drops of 15-20 degrees F within a couple of hours during a norther.

Basically, a norther is a frigid wind that blows in off the plains and chills hell out of everything in its path. You have to experience one to know how sudden and severe they can be. Weather changes in Texas are often quite dramatic.

We call that a “cold front.” Probably because they come from the East, West and South, too.

The same weather system is hitting us north of the border too, though thankfully it’s not quite as bloody cold. In Toronto, we dropped from 9C to -9C in the last 24 hours… and in the process also went from pouring rain last night to blowing flurries and 60 KPH winds this morning.

I thought I’d blow away on my way to work today. Ugh… though it’s still better than the winds in St John’s when I was there in November (gusting at nearly 75 KPH, b’y!)

When I let the dog out last night, I thought I burned my hand on the metal door latch. The cold! It burns!

I wish it hadn’t been in the 40’s Monday. The snow started to melt, and now it’s icy. Little skating rinks everywhere.

I do like looking at the icicles though. Some of them get huge.

Same here last night…lots of folks still are without power.

I went for after work drinks and dinner and when I left the restaurant a couple of hours later the wind was really bad and the temps had fallen dramatically.

There was a 54F drop at home last night. Our low area tends to file with cold air.

I don’t know the exact numbers, but once in March in Oklahoma, I went to work about 11am wearing short pants. Probably in 70’s, when I left work at aroun 9 pm, I had to scrape ice off the windows.

Yeah, here in Chicago it went from 48 and rainy to -2 with drifting snow in about 12 hours. And according to the forecast, it’s going back up to the 40s by next Monday.

We only had a ~45° drop last night… 70° yesterday and we woke to ~35°.

Ya gotta love Texas…

You must be near by. Here in the Appleton area, we dropped from the low 40’s yesterday to -12ºF when I looked at the thermometer this morning.

You are in the Appleton area? I was born and went to HS in Kaukauna.

I went out at noon for classes and you could literally not see–blowing snow everywhere.

Seriously, what the frack was that?

Our temperature dropped from around 40 to the mid-teens. Unfortunately I didn’t know that until this afternoon. So I didn’t turn on my water. So it froze. And I now have no water because of the broken pipe under my house. Tomorrow I get to call a plumber and see when they can be here to fix my pipes. My guess is they will be here at 10:30 AM, since that is when I have a doctor’s appointment.

got to love the hoosier state…
tuesday evening it was 54 degrees F at 6:30 p.m.
2.5 hours later it was 17 degrees F and we’d had at least one confirmed tornado that got busy tearing up the w/sw side of indianapolis.

tonight (it being now 12:13 a.m. est) we look forward to anywhere between 6 and 10 inches of snow and/or ice and sleet just to make things more interesting.

welcome to indiana.
you don’t like the weather?
no prob.
wait ten minutes and it’ll change.

Yep, Greenville. But, I just moved here 1 1/2 years ago. I was born and raised in SW WI.

Our drop wasn’t quite as bad…51 when I went to bed (with the window open) and 12 when I got up in the morning…after a night of hearing the 40-60-mph winds whipping around. At least this time I hadn’t put out recyclables, so I wasn’t kept awake by the sound of rattling cans and bottles all over the neighborhood like the last time! Lost only one big branch, the power never flickered, and amazingly the plastic lawn chair and the bag of garbage never moved.