Northern Piper

Anyone heard from Northern Piper? He’s been uncharacteristically quiet as far as I can see

Paging @Northern_Piper

@Northern_Piper, ahem, its been a little light on quality bagpipe music around here lately.

Does that sentence contain an interior contradiction?

Not to me :sunglasses:

No true Scotsman…wait a sec….

Hopefully he’s just out messing around with hummingbirds.

Or mosquitos.

Hard to tell them apart where he is

I seem to recall that this has happened before–that is, he seems to disappear for a few weeks. It’s typically been for business, or for a family vacation. I hope this time around, it’s for the latter. It’s been a difficult enough last year-and-a-half, and some vacation time is something we all deserve.

I’ve heard Saskatchewan is lovely this time of year.

Except for the mosquitoes the size of bagpipes. :wink:

Think how quiet it would be if it were the other way around.

I’m not going to taunt the gods. I’m enjoying a relatively mosquitoless summer here on the relentlessly sun-baked prairie. Did I mention relentlessly?

Rained all day today (first time since May) so there are mosquitos in the forecast for next week.

@LSLGuy also hasn’t been around for a few weeks.

He’s on a self-imposed hiatus.

That was us in Minnesota today. While we really, really needed the rain, one foray out to pick up dinner gave me three mosquito bites. They all hatched today.

Northern Piper, if you’re out there but can’t talk, cough twice

You have to @ him to summon his pipes: @Northern_Piper