Sitting on our balcony in Hawaii, listening to a piper play traditional Hawaiian pipe tunes...

As I mentioned in another thread (in which I attracted considerable opprobrium), the Piper clan has fled Saskatchewan’s -45 weather for the warmth of Hawaii.

Tonight, as I was barbecuing our supper on the balcony, what to my wondering ears did appear but the melody of a piper. Sounded like he was down on the rocky shores, playing traditional Hawaiian pipe tunes like “Hawaii the Brave”, “The Barren Rocks of Popui” and “Hawaii, Hawaii, Uber Alles.”

Lovely end to the day.

Undoubtedly wearing the traditional Hawaiian Kapa cloth kilt and thistle lei.

Hawai’i the Brave, eh? The Hawai’ian monarchy isn’t dead, then.

Reported for bragging.

At least you’re not threatening noogies, which is what I got from my fellow Canadopers! :smiley:

It was above freezing today. You got a reprieve. :slight_smile:

Hey, don’t think the noogies are off the table! Someday, some way, when you’re least expecting it…

Which island?

Thanks. I really needed to read that as I gear up to go to work on roads coated in freezing rain.

Get off the internets and go exploring (either your wife or the local area).

18 days and counting so these posts make me smile instead of threaten violence :smiley:

one day shy of 4 months for me.

It’s above freezing out here too. Not by much, but at least it’s not -30C.

You know, you can add that to just about any Canadian complaint - “These mosquitoes are terrible today, but at least it’s not -30C.” :slight_smile:

So how’s the haggis taste, ye great softie? :smiley:

Better than the poi, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Kauai. Depending on weather, may go drive the Waimea Canyon today.

I’m so envious I want to spit. :mad:

My wife and I spent 10 wonderful days in Hawaii in September. It was over way, way too quickly. :frowning:

They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. What a crock. I’ve had an opportunity to love Hawaii, and now that I’ve lost her, I’m inconsolable. It’d have been better not to have tasted her sweet nectar in the first place. :wink:

Curse you, Northern Piper. Curse yooooooooooooooou! :smiley:

No haggis, sadly. Not even any with pineapple chunks.

I think my stomach turned a little bit reading that. :slight_smile: