Nostradamus: Why is "Mabus" considered to be assoc. w/ the Antichrist?

Nostradamus writes (translated into English):

All of the Nostradamus enthusiasts seem to connect Mabus with the Antichrist (or one of the Antichrists, anyway). Why is this? Any good reason I’m not seeing? The Mabus quatrain is a zillion miles away from any of the Antichrist quatrains. Is it just because “Mabus” is one of the few proper names in the verses, and is cryptic enough to leave it open to lots of interpretation?

They need a reason?

Don’t forget the cardinal rule in Nostradamus interpretation - words mean what we want them to mean.

Well he sounds pretty bad, what with all vengeance and hunger and routing, so the antichrist/apocalypse assumption comes pretty naturally, no?

Anyways, seems that a lot of people don’t think that Mabus is the antichrist so much as the forerunner of the antichrist. According to The Mabus Project: “The true Antichrist is found in Century VIII, Quatrain 77” (cite)

As to who Mabus is, here’s one of my favourite quotes from John Hogue, one of the best known (and best selling!) “authorities” on Nostradamus:

“There are a couple ways to decode that word. M-A-B-U-S, uh, reversed, which was a common practice in the 16th Century, becomes Subam. You can then always replace one letter with another, the U the A, Sadam. And it’s quite possible that Mabus is not only a middle-eastern potentate, but it could be our own President. M-A-B-U-S, Mabus, you can reverse the M into a W, you have BUS with the silent Latin H. Wbush.” (Penn & Teller’s Bullshit, S01 E04)


Of course, this all begs the question of why the hell you’re bothering with Nostradamus in the first place.

The sudden brightening of comet Holmes made me, naturally, think of portents of doom and the like. (What else are comets for?) So I’m bumping this old thread, to which I never got a real answer.

Why is Mabus associated–even in the slightest!–with the Antichrist? Or, perhaps a better question, who FIRST associated Mabus with the Antichrist?