Not about KelliBelli

Has anyone else noticed that Kelli is nearing her 1000th post?

Don’t tell her so it’ll be a surprise for her!


I think she already knows, she keeps posting the number of posts she now has.

She is up to 995. She sure answers a lot on this board.


Gee, maybe that’s why she’s the most popular poster (see the latest popularity contest) - wish I had that much time to spend in SDMB - but then I have a life.

So I guess if she was a knight she’d be Sir Postalot.

Too bad about Papabear’s record (I think he had the record), him plodding along on the keyboard for all that time, brick by brick.

These kids today. Blah-blah-blah and boom! Top banana.

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Sure, leave my party at the Restaurant@eou again.OK I’ll come to your party. Now you have to catch her 1000th post, and if it’s not here, then copy it and paste here.

RTA, you brought up something I was just thinking about the other day. Where did papabear go? I havn’t read a post from him in ages.

Bad spellers of the world… UNTIE

it’s still only 995. The search function is fu**ed up, so it’s hard to say where she will post.

Kells-bells is gone for the weekend. Don’t expect her to break quadruple digits until she returns to work Tuesday.

anybody keep track of this?

well here it was, then:
Topic: When I have a cold, and I blow my nose…Why does snot bubble out the corner of my eye? posted by
kellibelli posted 10-12-1999 07:36 AM

This has happened to me for years…and its friggin gross.
I blow the nose, and either hold the corner of my eye shut, or mop up the snot afterwards.

Can anyone explain this to me?

*This is my 1000th post, and I saved this question just for the occaision…I felt it appropriate to ask something profound and important to honor this important occaision…and what could be more appropriate than this? *
Member posted 10-12-1999 07:40 AM

There is a tube which connects the corner of your eye with your throat. Its purpose is to allow the tears produced by your eyes to drain away without dribbling down your face.
I can’t remember the name of the tube, but I’m sure one of our medical experts will fill in the blank.


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My question is: What does Kellibelli do for “work” and where can I find a job like it?

She may be the favourite poster, but at least I get to claim this:

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Although I’m just another Economist - and God knows the world needs them :wink: - the tube running from your eyes to the back of your throat could be the very same one that also connect to your ears: Eustachius’ tube.

Then again, I could be WAY off here. Ah well, just my 2 cents…


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Chrisctp…this prooves the thoery that stay home moms work hard. :wink:

Well…harder than me!