Not every Texan agrees with the Bush cartel

Some see them for what they are…

These vultures are out to rape and pillage our country. They allow big business to run roughshod over us. What’s good for the corporations is good for us whether we believe that or not.

Yes, they are changing America. From the haves to the have nots.

Well, just from a statistical standpoint, it would be remarkable if every Texan liked Bush.

I, as a native Texan, support ole GW 100%…just my $.02

Well gee. What a shock.

I don’t even agree with my wife. Why would millions of Texans agree unanimously in favor of Bush?

Yet another non-event BS thread, Reeder. Then again, this is the norm, so what did I expect?

I agree…you hone in on the title and ignore the gist.

That is so you.

I agree…you hone in on the title and ignore the gist.

That is so you.

Well, it IS the thread title. Maybe if you don’t want to talk about it you should title your thread with what you DO want to talk about.

Anyway, the substance of your post is the same stuff as always, only written by a different person. That is so you.

Why doesn’t the fact that they are raping our country for corparate profit bother you?

Because it assumes facts not in evidence. How are “they” “raping” our country for “corporate profit”?

Cite for all of the above, please.

Why doesn’t the fact that some people can legitimately disagree with you get through your thick skull?

Why do you spam GD?

Why do you post a topic that really has nothing to do with what you want to talk about?

Why don’t you tell us from the outset what you want to talk about?

Why am I wasting my time with you? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

So, do you want to start over without the bullshit and really have a debate here, or do you want to continue with business as usual?

Just from what I have seem in infrequesntly passing by…

I can count on Reeder to have a shrill, virulently anti-Bush content in any post. There is no search for truth…only the search to make Bush look bad… Bill-haters were bad, he is just the flipside of them…

I read his posts mostly for giggles…

I wonder if a mod will send this off to the Pit, as was done with December’s thread. Looks like it’s just a flame fest anyway…

I hear Bush has poopy pants too.

To be fair to Reeder, as shrill and predictable as he gets, I don’t believe he’s ever come anywhere near denouncing all Bush-supporters as traitors who should apologize to their fellow countrymen, unlike a certain other infamous regular who just pulled a similar stunt…


Not what I was getting at. The OP is irrelevant, as my comparison was to the thread Decmber started (you know the one) that never generated anything other than insults and emotional slaps. Is there a single post to this thread that remotely looks like a debate? No. OFF TO THE PIT!!

Another content-free (or perhaps “content-lite”) post from Reeder. He offers (after a bit of nudging) a debatable proposition: [T]hey [the Bush administration] are raping our country for corparate profit…

But in support of that, no specific claims of what constitutes “rape”. Reeder does not point to any particular source; he merely posts an article which makes similar unsupported allegations.

If I were to post a GD thread alleging that Reeder was subversive, criminal, immoral, an arsonist, a child molestor, and someone who seldom depreciated non-taxable income brought forth from the previous tax year, it would rightly be either closed or moved to the Pit as a personal attack, devoid of actual content.

Why these epistles of his are permitted to remain in, and pollute, GD, is beyond me.

  • Rick

Really? Next you’ll tell me that not all people are Greeks.

No, some of them are Texans who don’t support Bush.

Hightower, for fuck’s sake. He makes his living from ranting about government malfeasance. On days when he doesn’t have any particular malfeasance to rant about, he does anyway.

Yo, Reeder, I’m curious; what’s your general opinion on the current administration? :smiley: