Not now, I'm trying to eat

What’s the worst subject to bring up while someone is eating?

The smell, texture, and consistency of the vomit the dog left by the refrigerator just now.

Or maybe a description of the massive bowl-choking dump I had this morning. I was so proud of it, I left it in there so you could check it out.

  • The method to remove the dead skin produced by athlete’s foot

  • Colonoscopies (first-hand experiences)

  • Airborne bacteria, and their role in food poisoning


Well, there’s this joke involving a bet and a cuspidor…

A detailed description of the abcess which burst when I picked up a cat to put a hot compress on the abcess the vet had just drained.

Women’s ob/gyn issues.

A menstruating elephant?

For some reason, my SO and I always watch CSI while we eat. Not a good idea. Autopsy + dinner = bleah.

The people I was with at dinner tonight and I were discussing eating someone else’s vomit while we were eating.

(OMG - do elephants menstruate?)

I’ve never quite understood the “Now while we’re eating” mentality. I’ve never been put off my feed by…well…by anything really. Prob’ly explains some of my weight problem!

But I have been told to cut it out when discussing cervical fluid, the consistency of menstrual blood and what it may reveal about the health of the woman, infected toenails oozing yellow pus and other bodily issues.

And I’m always like, “What?” when it happens. :confused:

:smack: “NOT while we’re eating”, of course.

Pictures on snopes of a chinese man making a soup out of aborted human fetuses.