Not On Urban Dict Thread. Meaning of words and phrases. Explain them to me, and I'l explain sum 2u

I’m not trying to spam these forums, but I got tired of waiting for my old threads to die out. So, this is a thread where I’m going to ask questions on the meaning of words and phrases that I here in slang, and in songs.

You can ask me for definitions too, but I’m going to be asking about things I couldn’t find on Urban Dictionary.

So what do these things mean?

  1. “I think she’s busted lets discuss it”
  2. “Bet I buzz”
  3. " I hit home base" (not baseball)

There are more that I’m trying to remember…

You can ask me questions to you know.

Why not just go back and participate more in the threads you’ve started, which are still vibrant? If you cared enough to start them, you should care enough to come back to them.

Also, if I may ask, how old are you? The slang terms you posted aren’t anything I’ve heard before, except perhaps the last one.

It’s not likely we’re going to get good answers from someone who misspells three-letter words.

Context would help. Your first two look like they could be perfectly normal phrases constructed with one slang term in them, not slang entities in themselves. And your third looks like it’s probably the old baseball-sex metaphor, though it could depending on context mean either that you never left home plate (no action at all), or got a home run (went all the way).

  1. As far as Fred.
  2. The Kenosha Kid!
  3. She’s no fun, she fell right over.
  4. Going to Memphis on an express!

Any others?

The OP seems like he’d be the type who could figure out something for us dummies.

OP, what does “14 k of g in a f p d” mean?

  1. Firesign Theatre. Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers!

I knew that, but it’s right on top in a Google search. As is “Bet I Buzz.”

If you’re so smart, why don’t you pick up your cues faster?

(Okay, I threw in one ringer. Maybe two.)

“Sittin’ on a night train, chewin’ on a jellyroll.”

That means you made it to home plate, in a way.

Since there may not be any defined meaning to these phrases, let’s move this over to IMHO.

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Do u knoow wat I k?

How is babby formed? ¯**(°_o)/¯

2 of your 3 original questions are answered on Urbandictionary. One at a time:

busted = ugly

Either someone anticipating the high off a drug, or a misinterpreted/misheard song lyric.

it’s a nice way of sayin’ boning

The OP has been banned for trolling, so I’m locking this. If there’s actually a useful topic here, feel free to start a new thread.