"Not really a debate again"

“I figure if your posts in a thread exceed 50% you’re preaching to yourself and not for the benefit of others or of a real debate.”

My posts were 5/12 including the opening post… that’s less than 42%.

One of them included an edit to the original post because it can’t be edited after 5 minutes.

I think the thread was in fact more of a debate than some other General Debate threads.

It seems some of the threads are more of a poll.

What does “not really a debate” mean?

I was on one side of the debate and other people were on the other side.

When DrFidelius said just try "Cut everything you eat by half for three weeks."

that would mean cutting vegetable intake as well!

I find it hard to believe that no-one would disagree with him…

Yet that is what people in the thread did.

So it seems like if no-one is willing to be on my side in a debate thread then it gets closed… ? Yet I think their side of the debate is clearly flawed. They’d rather try and twist DrFidelius’s words than to admit that perhaps he was wrong.

Are you making an argument against the closing of the thread, or are you continuing the argument that was in the thread?

If no one views your threads as debates, try opening one in IMHO.

Both… I wanted to highlight that their side seems to be clearly flawed so I think the thread should continue - just in case someone else recognises that.

Then they might think it is a blog and I’ve had threads closed because of that.

Anyway what I really want to know is What does “not really a debate” mean?

This is literally your bottom line:

“My side of the debate is that I am not going to try DrFidelius’s 3 week suggestion and I think a diet should be more sophisticated than just changing your portion size.”

That is not a debate. You state a pretty simple opinion.

It has not gotten to the point of a topic ban yet but I suggest you take a step back and stop obsessively posting about the subject. This is the same sort of behavior that got you in trouble before.

In post 6 I updated this:

**"My side of the debate is not that DrFidelius’s advice of halving all of your foods won’t result in weight loss - I just don’t think it is a very good diet and is not something that most people would try for 3 weeks.

Does anyone think that it (halving all foods) is something that dieters should try?"**

If Alessan is allowed say something a bit contradictory in their earlier statement then I should be able to too.

No last time I posted more 50% of the posts in the thread. This time it was less than 42%. Weight loss is about the only thing in common in this thread. But this is a very specific debate.

Loach: sorry if I disagreed with you. I think I read that people aren’t meant to disagree too much with moderators.

And this is exactly the nit-picking I alluded to in the original closed GQ thread.

No JohnClay, you are not interested in losing fat. You are looking for a way to lose weight with no effort on your part. You are reading all the huckster-blogs you can find but have no intention of applying any effort at all. You need to be ready to change your life style but you are incapable of doing that.

I stand by my original advise. Eat half of what you are accustomed to eating for three weeks and you will lose weight. Half of everything, including vegetables, because vegetables include calories. Three weeks is not long enough for you to develop any deficiency diseases but it is long enough for you to drop 12 pounds.

If you get hungry that is a good thing. It means that your body will start burning fat instead of food. Stop whining and expend a little effort.

I am done with you again. Play your games with someone else.

Finally DrFidelius is here. Instead of putting his side of debate in my debate thread he put it in ATMB.

Well thanks for defending yourself. It is interesting that you are saying that vegetable intake should be halved as well.


BTW sorry for debating the topic in this thread but DrFidelius started it here.


You are chasing this weight loss thing all over the SDMB. It’s gotten to the point where you are calling other posters to chase you around the various fora.

Enough. You don’t seem to be interested in debate nor in actually learning nor following the rules of the SDMB. You need to adjust your behavior right away.