Closing of belly fat debate thread

I don’t understand why the debate thread was closed. I thought it could have been moved if necessary. The mod said it appeared to be a blog.

But I think it was a debate. I had a side that I mostly stuck to and I mostly debated another poster.

I mentioned that the websites for the book related to the debate were dead but I still am on that side of the debate.

There were 14 posts in that thread, and 11 of them were yours.

“JohnClay, when you post here, think more about where it should go and whether you’re truly interested in a discussion. Perhaps a blog is more in order.”

I do want a discussion. Notice that I always replied to the other guy. I don’t want a blog where there are no replies.

That shows that I’m passionate about my side of the debate. Also in my opening post I targeted two other posters who failed to reply.

BTW in some of my posts I’m sort of disagreeing with myself - so I’m looking for a balanced discussion. (e.g. when I’m saying that the book sites are dead) Though I still support my side of the debate.

Well, if you’re sort of disagreeing for yourself, so you’ve got a balanced discussion.

It’s like in a scientific paper where they might bring up contradictory evidence but still think it doesn’t matter that much overall.

You are aware that there exist blogs which allow replies, yes?

Yeah, but IMO the mod should give it some time before declaring “Johns” blog now closed.

Its not like the “anti” John crowd are just sitting at the computer waiting to start debating John the moment the thread starts.

Wait until it actually becomes a blog before closing.

To be honest, I was a bit peeved at the closing. I’ve been hearing all this bell fat stuff lately and was wondering what the Straightdope actually was on that.

Ignorance not fought. But at least I was saved from a possible blog.

So, you are large, then? You contain multitudes?

Except for the first one no-one replies to my blogs.

I don’t think a thread where the OP involves me trying to get 2 opposing posters to respond is a “blog”.

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There’s certainly a variety of approaches to a general subject, one that clearly has been a concern to John for some time. I’m not particularly concerned with the number of threads on the same general subject, but the fact that on several of the threads he has displayed no real intention of listening to anyone who disagrees with his original idea. Take a read of the Warrior Diet thread as a classic example.

Debates involve people disagreeing… also in the debate thread I did accept some things that guy was saying… e.g. that both types of fat are the same in most ways or that glucagon might not be a scientific thing. BTW I think this is the first time I’ve started this general topic as a debate thread.

No, it’s not.

If it’s back-and-forth you want, try starting a video blog on YouTube.

But I wanted 2 posters from these forums to respond.

Yes I agree. Sometimes I say things that weren’t thought out very well.

John, I closed it because you were essentially performing a monologue for the rest of us. You don’t get to start a thread and expect others to appear at your command because you wish them to do so.

Also, your current kick for weight loss threads is approaching the level of monomania. That’s what, seven threads on the subject since the first of the year? This also looks like you’ve picked a subject you wish to go on about. Enough.

15 posts. You, eleven. Abivalid 3, my closing 1. I figure if your posts in a thread exceed 50% you’re preaching to yourself and not for the benefit of others or of a real debate.

Don’t do it again. You’ve already got a few topic bans. Let’s not add to that list.

BTW remember that a lot of the debate was in this thread:

Count up how many were debating me on the fat loss area topic…

In post 29 it was also on that topic.