Dripping, stop being such an ignorant ass-hat!

So, I’m not a particularly angry person. So I find it ironic that my first thread is in The Pit. But this is driving me bat-shit insane. In the arguments in two threads here and here, Dripping is so fucking ignorant it hurts.
Now look, I’m overweight, not in GBP surgery range, and not particularly making an effort to lose the extra weight. So I don’t really have a dog in this fight. But really? thread-shitting on Catflea12’s celebration of good health? The appropriate response is “Congratulations”. Period. Full-stop. Obesity is deadly, and sometimes people need help. Do you bitch the same way at people who need cardiac bypass surgeries to recover from heart-attacks? I’m mean, it’s their own fault their arteries are clogged, so I guess they deserve to die?

Oh yeah, and while I’m at it, the reason I put “fault” in quotes, is that yes, not making time to exercise might be your fault. I am am aware that the fact that I am overweight is my own fault. But I don’t think over-eating because you are depressed is a particularly blame-worthy action. Not the healthiest, but a common response to a shitty mental disease. Great, they could go exercise instead of eat. Try telling that to someone so depressed they can’t leave their apartment. Oh wait, I guess that’s a matter of “willpower” too. Asshat.

On a final note, I can handle being told I’m wrong (post #35 in the first thread). I sometimes even enjoy it. But when I tell you I’ve been doing obesity and diabetes research AS MY JOB (aka not some random googling) for 4+ years, could you please not write off everything I say as “very common diet myths that are always trotted out during diet discussions”?
I mean, I can spend an hour on pubmed finding links to research papers to prove my assertions, but why bother? You clearly haven’t the intelligence to understand or even listen to scientific reason, you condescending fuck.

Ok. I feel better now.

What is it about the fat threads that brings about the pittings?

The fact that some people act like total assholes in them?

I read the thread in the first link and saw his/her first two or three posts, and was like, “What’s the big fuckin’ deal, bitch? Dripping is just curious.”

Then I saw the rest. :rolleyes:

ETA: Shame on you, OP. “Asshat” is one word. No hyphenation. :smiley:

There’s also the fact that the demographics of this board skew fat. Really fat. Like, super-mondo-mega-chocolate-milkshake fat.

It just means there’s more of us to love, if you ask me.

(BTW, I lost 19 pounds over the last two months. Go me.)

I :heart: you.

The bigger the butt, the more severe the butthurt.

When Dopers sit around the house looking for a reason to be offended, they really sit around the house<rimshot>

Dripping only posted once on the second thread. He is hardly the issue there, if someone is going to choose to be offended. And this is by no means a defense of Dripping or his posts.

I could really go for a super-mondo-mega-chocolate-milkshake.

::burning with shame::

Clearly, I will never post to the pit again. I have lost all credibility. :o

“Ass-hat” is the T. Herman Zweibel spelling.

Yeah, and when they’re haulin’ ass over to the pit to complain, it takes two trips. <ba dum bump>

Okay, that’s fucking funny. Thank you. :slight_smile:

By now, he has posted four times in the second thread, all of those posts ignoring the sites that contradict his (her?) own assertions.

Look, one of the things in this world that makes me really crazy is the “Us vs Them” mentality. “SAHM vs Work Outside The Home Moms” “Homeschoolers vs Public Schoolers” “Theists vs Atheists” “Democrats vs Republicans” and so and an so forth. There is no “one size fits all” answer to life in general. That includes weight loss. You do what works for you. You refrain from doing anything at all. You keep on doing what has never worked from you but may work from you at some point in the future.


But this whole “I know what’s best for everyone” shtick really frosts my shorts.

And I agree with all that. So I will second your whatever. There is no chance in hell I am defending Dripping. I can smell what he is dripping, after all.

Serious question: Why do you think that is? Is it particular to the SDMB or is it also common throughout other message boards?

I think it’s common among the Interwebs population in general. We tend to be those guys who work in cube farms or have far too much spare time – you know, the very heart of the American obesity epidemic – so we get addicted to things like the Dope.

Personally, I’m exercising now a lot more than I used to (I switched to a much better gym.) And I also make it a point to get out of the damn house on the weekends and do stuff, like a writing group that I now belong to. Unsurprisingly, my posting average has gone down a lot.

dripping? Not dropzone? I swear, I will only earn another Pit thread if I go off on another anti-Canadian screed!

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