Heeeeeeeeey FATTIES

I’d like to see you explain THIS away as something outside your control. The state with the lowest rate of obesity in 2008 has a higher rate than the state with the highest rate in 1985. (Yes, there are states with no data in the earlier graphs, but as those are added in, they start at the lower levels and then increase, suggesting that they probably started at those same levels or lower, versus dramatically dropping then rising again.)

Tell me again about how your genetics make you fat–if you can get words out past the cheeseburger you’re shoving into your mouth. Maybe if you take a couple gulps of that giant Diet Coke, it’ll help.

If I could get out of this chair, I would give you such a smack…

what are you pitting?

I’m guessing it’s the types that claim “it’s not MY fault I’m fat! My genetics have made it impossible to lose weight!” or something like that. Probably could have been a wee more diplomatic, (the OP, that is), but considering all the fat threads around here in the past year…

How many people on this board have ever claimed losing weight was beyond their control? Can you point to them? I think most “fatties” know what the problem is and just can’t do the exercise and/or control their eating for lack of enough will power.

Maybe you’re just lost or maybe you just like to pretend there is a vast horde of fatties claiming it is not their fault. We know why we’re fat, do you know why you’re an ass?

People who constantly whine about how they hate how they look but blame it on everything but the fact that they consume more calories than their bodies can use. It’s specifically in the Pit so I don’t have to be PC about it, and because any discussions about fat people (especially on the internet) tend to get personal and bloody.

Let me guess, a fat dude fucked your girlfriend/boyfriend/sheep?

Yeah, because I enjoy being blunt. That’s why the thread is in the Pit.

Fat people I think.

It came up in a presentation the other day, and I was completely blown away by the graphs. I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten or how fast. Also inspired by a friend who whines about how much he hates how fat he is, but continues to live on fast food, pizza, and Chinese takeout, even though when he found out he was getting laid off he said that he was going to take the opportunity to start working out again, cook for himself more, etc.

Try being fat. You won’t see it like that.

ETA: I bet you’d pit alcoholics because they drink too much alcohol. You’re a cock.

What does this have to do with the vitriol and anger?

Eh? Did they change rules to allow “purposely inflammatory remarks (i.e., trolling)” in the Pit?

I won’t *be *fat because I have self control. I was able to coast by on a ridiculous metabolism + lots of exercise when I was younger, but these days I actually have to work for it. So when I see myself putting on more weight than I’d like, you know what I do? I cut back on the unhealthful parts of my diet, because I don’t want to balloon up into a disgusting pig.

Because of that, I’ve never once gone over the line into “overweight,” let alone “obese.” How the hell can you do that to yourself and just not notice, or not think, “Gee, maybe I shouldn’t really be taking in 3,000 calories a day?”

Show me a graph that shows the same kind of dramatic increase in alcoholism and I might concede your point. This isn’t just addiction–people didn’t magically just start getting more and more addicted to food.

Also, funny you should make that analogy. You don’t see people saying, “I can’t help drinking a whole fifth of Jack–I’m an alcoholic,” but somehow you think it makes sense to say, “It’s okay for me to be a fatty fat fat because I’m ‘addicted’ to fattening foods.”

That or plasticizers the water supply.

I’m not sure this means what you think it means

Oh, how original. Somebody said something that hurt your feelings, so they must be a troll. Here, let me get you a handkerchief. Go ahead and turn up the Dashboard Confessional, too.

Protip: It’s trolling if I’m espousing a belief I don’t actually hold in order to get a rise out of you. If I’m just expressing a potentially unpopular opinion in a rude way, that’s not remotely the same thing.

One thing that ‘thinnies’ seem to forget is that when a ‘fattie’ finishes a ‘normal’ meal he or she is probably still hungry. Whereas a thin or ‘normal’ person isn’t. Imagine every single day of your life eating meals and still being hungry afterwards. Before long you give in and eat what your appetite is asking you to eat. Yes ‘fatties’ have different appetites that contribute to them becoming fat.

In my case, I’m fat because of Ren Faire. They have chocolate covered lard on a stick. ON A STICK! My friends, Ren Faire only comes around once every 20 fortnights and by God if you don’t carpe Crisco, then someone else will instead.

See ya gotta go with the white chocolate covered lard on a stick… cuz thats well just fat covered in fat if I am not mistaken