Not remembering details of past series you watched

So, I am rewatching the Sopranos, in advance of the prequel coming out in a few months. It’s been about 20 years since I began watching the series. I just finished the 1st season. I remember the story arc very well, as well as characters and key episodes that for whatever reason I remember well. But the specific scenes, even some whole episodes, I don’t remember. I thought it would be more boring, but I am finding it very entertaining to watch again.

I’ll watch movies that I haven’t seen for several years, and have much more recollection, I guess because you’re only talking about a few hours of a story line, vs. over 75 hours of content in a series.

My family jokes that we have watched every James Bond movie a dozen times and yet we still only have a vague idea of what the plot is about. For instance, if you asked me what happened in From Russia With Love, I’d only have vague memories of a shoe knife, a gypsy girl fight, and a fight on a train. And there was some kind of decoder macguffin that everyone was after, I think.

I’m like that with Matt Damon’s “Bourne” movies. I know I saw them all, in the theaters, but I couldn’t tell you which one was which, they all just kind of blur together.

I am absolutely terrible at remembering the details of movies and TV shows even after I just watched them. If someone asks me “what was your favorite part?” as we are leaving the theater, I always say “I don’t know.” Because I don’t actually remember any specific scenes. I remember the basic plot, and whether or not I enjoyed it, but I don’t retain any details, unless a scene is very memorable.

I have been rewatching The Americans and I’m noticing the same thing as you. Though I remember the general story arc and a few key scenes, there are a lot of things I’ve forgotten. Certain parts might be less suspenseful or shocking the second time around, but it’s still enjoyable the second time. In fact there are some new details I’m noticing now that I probably didn’t notice the first time.

My weakness is character names. I can watch an entire season and still not remember names.

Like Sopranos, I watched the entire series and can’t remember a single name. Except maybe Joey, and that only bc it’s a mafia show so of course they have a Joey.

I’ve been rewatching Frasier, and even though I’ve re-watched the entire series at least once already I find that I don’t remember a lot of the specifics. So I actually watch most of the episodes (vs getting distracted by my iPad), because I don’t remember how that week’s story ends. And I don’t remember most of the one-liners, so they still make me chuckle.

I absolutely have that issue with both TV/movies and with books. If there are years in between, I can pretty much consume something for the first time more than once.

My wife and I are like that too. We’ve been watching “New Amsterdam” since it first aired, and we still can’t remember half the doctors’ names. They had an episode earlier this season when Dr. Reynolds (the heart surgeon who left last season) came back, and somehow I got the name “Dr. Bishop” stuck in my head. Until someone called him Dr. Reynolds, and then I was like “No wait, Dr. Bishop is the cancer doctor.” Nope, that’s Dr. Sharpe. It turned into a running joke for the rest of the episode. (For those who don’t watch… there is no Dr. Bishop on the show. I have no idea where that name came from.)

Just last year, I listened to an old Dick Francis novel, that I know I heard years ago (I mean, I own it, no question I’d listened to every word).

I was so excited halfway through the second chapter, when it dawned on me that I had no idea what was going to happen.

I love getting old! Now I can be entertained by old books/shows/movies all over again.

I’ll forget some details quickly. Then after some period of time, several years usually, I’ll forget most of the rest of the details. That’s when I’m willing to watch a series again.

Mrs. Martian and I re-watch the previous season of Better Call Saul just before a new season drops just to refresh our memories of what happened. Long intervals between seasons doesn’t help either.

I’m terrible at remembering character names as well. So if I try to read an online recap in preparation for an upcoming season, and they mention a character by name, it means nothing to me. Sometimes I can figure out what character they’re talking about based on context.

Yeah, that’s why I rarely get involved in show discussions on this board. It’s hard to follow along when people are discussing certain characters.

I don’t think there is a main recurring character in the Sopranos named Joey.

Christopher, Chris, Chrissy
Johnny Sacs

No Joey

Lol. Well there you have it. Proof positive I’m horrible with names. (Was probably thinking of Paulie)

There are shows that I’ve watched every episode when I was a kid, and I can’t even remember a single plot point. Maybe they were just nothing plots.

I find it easier to remember books. I can usually recognize a book I’ve read from the first two pages. I don’t remember all the details but I know I’ve read it.

I never remember details from TV shows or movies. It’s hard remembering if I saw that episode or something similar. There’s too many to keep straight.

No, you were probably thinking of Ralph Cifaretto, played by Joey Pants.

Interestingly, I often remember the things I saw as a kid better than the things I saw more recently. I can quote you chapter and verse of the first dozen or so seasons of The Simpsons, but I can rewatch shows from 5-10 years ago and only vaguely remember anything. P

This happens to me if I binge watch on Netflix but for some reason, this excludes FRIENDS since I only watched that once but I remember almost all scenes!