Not sure if you're trying to be funny. But you are an idiot.

I don’t even know what to do with this info. My brain keeps passing it back and forth between the remaining 8 cells I haven’t pickled and they’re filing formal protest.

I decide to have charcoal grilled burgers with sauteed onions for dinner. I’m out of onions and butter to toast the buns. Off to the grocery store I go. I pull into the spot and notice a brand new Chevy Suburban. (This is important.)

The truck is parked in that diagonal fashion to take up 2 spots so it doesn’t get door dings. It’s a pull-thru deal so that when I pull in, I’m looking at the ass of the truck. This doesn’t really bother me in principle. I may do the same. But I wouldn’t do it so I take up 2 spots in a large mostly empy parking lot 4 stalls in. This should be a mandatory key-job. But I digress.

No, folks. It wasn’t the acceptable parking style in a completely unacceptable part of the lot. It was the fucking plate. Granted, for about 2 seconds I burned with a rage at the inconsideration of society this assclown projects on his fellow man. But it wasn’t that. It was the damn plate.

I know license plates are public domain and can be accessed on the internet to find who owns the car, if you want to test the veracity of my claim, look it up. You know what state it’s in. Anyway. Ready?

On a $30,000 Chevy Suburban, the plate reads: O2BA4RD

Read it again. I dare ya.

I don’t get it. Is he making fun of Fords or wishing that he had a Ford? Why is it infuriating either way?

Yeah, you’re right. That makes my fury burn with the heat of at least a couple glow sticks.


No, it was more the parking job that got me pissed. That’s why I mentioned it. (As always, not clearly enough) :smack:

Maybe I’m pissed at myself for not being able to figure out why you’d pay extra for a plate the seems to wistfully dream of being a Ford when it’s attached to a 30k Chevy. This is driving me nuts. I really wish I would have asked him.

Are we sure this guy isn’t trying to say “Oh, to be offroad”? Saying it rather badly, of course, but still…

Wouldn’t that be: O2BO4RD?

That’s how I read it, too. Why would he wish to be a Ford?? <South Park Johnnie C>That don’t make no sense!!</SPJC>

… in a Suburban?

Maybe his Suburban sucks, and he bought the plate to stick his thumb in GM’s eye.

Oh, to be offroad.

Make more sense now?

OK, that sounds legit. It still looks like Oh, to be a Ford to me. I just knew I should have put this in MPSIMS. Never mind folks. Move along. Nothing to see here.

[sub]The parking job was still an asshat move[/sub]

We have a neighbor with an older RV with the plate, “FARTOGO”

It took me a while to parse it out correctly. I kept reading Fart-O-Go.

Still makes me chuckle.

I thought you were going to tell us it was a Florida plate that read A55 RGY.

I read it as “Oh, to be a Ford”, too. Besides, if the guy’s parking in 4 spaces because he’s afraid of door dings, I’d wonder about how he’d react to dings from rocks, etc. while off-roading. Is this some kind of thing where damage done in real, manly conditions driving straight up a mountain is different from damage done in mundane, ordinary things like running to the store for a loaf of bread?

Me, I’ll stick with my cheap little Hyundai and hike straight up a mountain. It’s cheaper and healthier.


I wouldn’t get riled up either way, but maybe he bought that vanity plate to go with another vehicle, and he just didn’t bother to change it.

OK, I admit I have no clue why “Oh to be a Ford” is bad. I’m just not getting something here.

People taking up 2 parking spots piss me off too. The license plate, though (which I read as “Oh, to be a Ford”) I like. It just tickles me to think of a big Chevy wishing he was a Ford… Maybe the owner just has a similar (strange) sense of humor to mine.

It speaks to his parking lot etiquette.

Oh, 2 Be Assholeish 4 Rows Down.

He’s trying to say that parking diagonally isn’t nearly as fun 4 rows away, in the parking nether regions.

Deliberately taking up more than one parking space is unacceptable, regardless of what part of the lot it’s in. I’ve printed up standard messages to leave on the windshields of cars so parked, here in Atlanta.

Damn. One of my glow sticks went out.

That makes me so… meh.