Not sure what you can do to defeat Trump? Here's another way

They provide the postcards; you provide the postage, although they can subsidize it if you ask, because they don’t want anyone to be unable to participate because they can’t afford it.

Thx for that. I signed up and donated.

Be careful, some folks are strangely and inexplicably hostile to the concept.

Thread: Strange voting spam?

Yeah, but the logic in that thread would not suggest to me that the postcard actually hurt. Either they’re a Trump supporter, with assuming conspiracies and getting extremely angry over something that doesn’t really affect anyone much, or they’re overstating their objection, and would not avoid voting Biden for such.

Either way, there would be no harm done. The only issue is if they actually hate unwanted mail so much they’d change their vote over it. I admit I would see a Trump version of this that way, and that I hate spam. But it’s not worth getting upset about–at most, it would be worth a thread taking a laugh at whatever ridiculousness it contains.

I know for a fact that letters from Vote Forward are actually handwritten and not computer-generated because I’ve personally handwritten 160 of them and plan to do more.

Devil’s advocate here but I’m hearing so much about how the post office is kneecapped and therefore overwhelmed to the point that votes may be delayed in delivery … is throwing a whole bunch extra mail in the mix the right thing to do right now?

I thought the same thing, but percentage-wise, it would be a minuscule portion of the mail stream.

So far the 7 states listed as completed are for 10 million postcards and 4 more states to complete. Hard to call these roughly 1.4 million pieces of mail per state trivial while calling the likely similar number per state (or less) of mail in votes a significant stress that the hobbled system cannot handle.

Again devil’s advocate… I think political mailings are built in to system expectations this time of the cycle.

Well, so sending a truckload of postcards right about now shouldn’t be too much of a burden, but maybe ought to get it done soon and not just in the last two weeks before the election. That’s when the most actual ballots will be in the mail; and any ballots mailed earlier than that should have plenty of time.

But you’re missing a point here. Right now, DeJoy and Friends are busily, deliberately building those expectations right back out of the system.

In fact, right now, the Maintenance Department at my plant is finishing up our FY21 Peak Season Readiness Review (deadline is this Wednesday). My facility doesn’t process postcard-sized mailpieces any more, but it’s a thing that all our sorting facilities do every year with all active machines.

From the USPS.

The Postal Service processes and delivers 472.1 million mail pieces each day.

I posted what is below in the linked thread also. I want to point out that I am very much NOT a Trump supporter. It does seem from posts in the other thread that the postcards are targeted to specific voters. Even knowing how innocent and sincere this effort is – it still feels wrong to me. I would not want to send or receive any of these postcards.

I feel compelled to weigh in here.
I live in a swing state and have for the last decade or two been very deliberate about exercising my right to vote. (I do admit to being mostly apolitical as a young adult.) I try to be fully informed and to participate and encourage others to be informed and vote.

That being said, if I received one of these postcards I would be suspicious, offended, and resistant. Someone I do not know writing and asking me to vote? First it is intrusive and presumptuous. It would also trigger all kinds of questions; how do they know I am not already going to vote, what is their real agenda? Is this someone who has access to my voting record? Is this an example of out of state money trying to influence results in my state? (Like the LDS church pumping a shit ton of money into California to defeat gay marriage several years ago?)

Look, I can see the good intention here. What is more, the postcards seem to be encouraging everyone to vote without regard to party affiliation so it is fair-minded and equal opportunity (although I wonder if they are targeted to voters with a particular leaning). But I have to say receiving one (or more) would not influence me at all – and it would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I guess I am too jaded and suspicious of political operatives to accept it at face value as a sincere effort to get all voters to turn out. In fact, I am quite curious where the mailing list comes from. Frankly, it reminds me of the scam e-mails and postcards my deceased sister used to fall for.

I don’t think the purpose of something like this is to actually try to change people’s minds. I think its value lies in making you feel like you can do something to help.

What exactly is the “scam”? It doesn’t ask for donations; it doesn’t sell you a product. Vote Forward favors Democrats, but the letters don’t mention any candidate or party.


If your point is that ten to twenty million additional bits of mail in a selected few close states is not a stress to worry about, well that was exactly the argument the Postmaster General made at the hearing regarding handling the expecting increase of mail-in votes.

But every extra drop of wine in a glass already overflowing makes a mess on the tablecloth no matter how big the glass is.

I dunno, I personally throw away anything political I get in the mail, regardless of which side it’s for. For me, at least, a postcard, handwritten or otherwise, isn’t going to swing my vote, but then, my vote isn’t going to swing regardless.
What I get a lot of right now, and I know it’s technically different, is very short (mass produced/mass mailed, I’m sure) letters from “a nurse in Madison Wisconsin” or “a teacher in Green Bay” and it’ll be some quick message along the lines of “tell your government we need to get back to work” or “make sure our next president understands why…”. They’re usually very neutral sounding and I imagine the only tip off for some people would be the bottom part that says who paid for it “Nurses for family values” or “Teachers for better unions”.

Like I said, that kind of stuff certainly isn’t going to change my mind, I’m not entirely certain if they’re actually real and I always feel like they’re manipulative.

I love this program, such a great idea. My partner has been participating in it – easy donation for today.