Not this dumb metaphor again

Language adapts and changes with the times. Sorry brah

Do you think “not literally” should always be used disparagingly? And what words would you suggest appropriate to replace “combat” in the sentence in question?

They have nothing to do with his political beliefs, and are instead part of the ongoing coincidence of all your criticisms being directed at progressives. Huzzah!

As for “shouldn’t be in the dictionary,” that’s a reasonable position for you to take. Given that you’re dumber than a bag of rice crackers, that is. Maybe “predictable” is a better word than “reasonable.” What do you think the point of dictionaries is?

I’ve already explained this, but apparently you need extra help.

I don’t care what you think of me. I’m not here to prove anything to you. I am a progressive. I speak for myself.

Do you think the point of dictionaries is to tell us how we are required to use words?

We’re gonna stamp out hate
Sock it in the eye
Shoot it in the stomach yelling, die, die, die!
We’ll pull its insides out
And look at look at what it ate
We’re gonna stamp out hate.

I love how many times you tell me that you don’t care what I think of you. TOTALLY CONVINCING! Please tell me again, and maybe this time the statement whose existence contradicts itself will win me over! :smiley:

No, you fuckin imbecile, I don’t. I also don’t think they serve fried chicken in baskets, for all that has to do with anything.

I literally don’t understand the question.

Oppose. Deal with. Stop. End. Reject. Just a few off the top of my head.

Not in this case, but in others, words like heal, solve, reject, etc. may work too.

That depends. Are we talking about “dictionaries” in a metaphorical sense here?

And I can criticize it.

Well, I’m told that since this sense of “dictionary” is in the dictionary, it can’t be a metaphor.

Yes you do.

Oh, boy, are you late to the party.

Your mom does.

Look at the so-called “progressive” attacking women.

Oh well.

Your mom attacks women.

He obviously can’t be a progressive; he doesn’t say “I’m a progressive” all the time.

Did you know the word “gullible” isn’t in the dictionary?

What a gullibull!

Apparently you’ve said that to LHoD many times, but it looked really familiar because I now recall that you’ve said it to me, too, in that thread where you prove that you don’t understand what the First Amendment means, but you’ve probably said it many other times. Do you have a keyboard shortcut that automatically spits out those two ridiculous sentences whenever you feel aggrieved?

Apparently the top of your head is just as worthless as what’s inside your head.

“Oppose” has the wrong connotation for this context because it carries the connotation of advocacy arguments being made on opposite sides of an issue, “deal with” is too informal a colloquialism, “stop” and “end” incorrectly imply that Maloney believes his bill will actually stop or end such activity completely, and “reject” is stupid for the same reason as “oppose”.

But remarkably, there IS a word that conveys exactly the right shade of meaning, and it’s the word whose definition was just given here.

So you’re not only an idiot incapable of clear thinking, you also don’t understand the language very well.

Inasmuch as you’re an idiot with poor understanding of the English language, if any such word you ever suggested turned out to be appropriate, it would be sheer coincidence, in the sense of a bunch of monkeys hammering on keyboards accidentally typing something intelligible.

Your OP is totally asinine.